The Little Things

The last few months have sprung on a few big changes to my life and it's been hard to pick myself up from those bad moments. I've realised how important it is to just step back from everything and appreciate the little things. 

Between all of the crap that has been happening there has been little bundles of happiness. Last weekend I spent the weekend celebrating my niece's 1st birthday and my nephew's 4th birthday. Seeing all the kids play in ball pits and watching Ellis turn into a big kid in them too made me so happy. I just think acting like a child sometimes is the best way to add a little more happiness into your life. Me and Ellis gave Harry, my nephew, a drum kit for his birthday and himself and his friends and sister and cousins just wouldn't stop playing it. They loved it so much and I love how happy it made them. 

Christmas time has definitely added some joy too. Costa Christmas drinks especially have been a god send recently. I think I went to Costa every single evening last week for one after work (naughty I know, but they were very nice). 

I mentioned in my last post about the Foo Fighters and how they had made me happy. I can't explain how much I am thankful for their input recently. Bringing out a tv show, an album and a UK tour that I managed to bag tickets for has seriously made me so excited for 2015. A Foo Fighters year is always a good year. 

My boyfriend. Having a special boy like Ellis in my life is the best sort of medicine to mend any kind of sadness. He has been my rock for almost two years and to think he has managed with me for that long shocks me. I am hard to handle but I suppose we were perfectly matched. We have recently just baked together for the first time and it was actually a success. Who knew we were so good in the kitchen? 

Social Media. An odd one you may be thinking but let me explain. In September I got a place at The Juice Academy boot camp (they do amazing Social Media apprentices) and I managed to actually impress the employers that well that I now have a job in Social Media. I am getting paid for doing something I love and that I am interested in. 

I've definitely learnt recently which little things help me get through the big things, what little things help you? 



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