Sunday at Leeds Festival

When Sunday came upon us we were pretty sad it was the last day at Leeds Festival. We dragged ourselves out of bed and off down the the road to a pub that did breakfast called The Scarborough Hotel. They did a lovely breakfast and the eggs were actually soft! We then journeyed onto the shuttle bus and arrived back at the festival at around half 1ish. There wasn't really any early bands we wanted to see. 

After a bit of a chill session we went into the main arena and watched a little bit of Dry The River (not really my cup of tea) and then we watched Peace (again not the biggest fan) it was bombarded by indie kids and that made me want to get up and go buy myself an A Day To Remember t-shirt. 

We then headed back to find my mum and Janice to watch The Hives - they were absolutely awesome. They literally were one of the best bands of the weekend; they know how to put on a show. 

I was feeling peckish by the end of that band so me and Ellis went to get some Vegi Spring Rolls but I then realised I had no money so lifesaver boyfriend bought me some. 

After grovelling to my mum for a little bit more money so I could eat again that night we attempted to watch Foster The People but we weren't really enjoying it so we then went to chill in the guest area and have a few drinks. 

We missed Imagine Dragons unfortunately but when we were more than tipsy we all headed out to watch Jake Bugg and it was brilliant. I absolutely love Jake Bugg and I found myself dancing and swaying to every single song he sung. Beautiful. 

After he played we went back to the guest area to buy a £5 pizza and then headed back to the main arena to watch the last band - Arctic Monkeys. Ellis has always loved them and that has brushed off on me over the past year or so and now I'm a pretty big fan. They played lots of songs that I did know and some that I didn't. 

Me and Ellis then went to buy some chicken noodles and ended up having a bit of a food fight before heading to the guest area to have a few drinks. I think by this point I was a little too drunk and I just needed bed so I encouraged my mum and Janice to stop dancing and we went to get the shuttle bus where my mum tried to giveaway free spring rolls to random people in the queue. 

I was so ready for sleep when we got in (after snoozing on the bus home and Ellis taking pictures of it, sigh) so we hit the hey and snoozed away. 

On the Monday morning we sadly woke up and attempted to pack but got slightly side tracked by how delicious Oreo biscuits taste in the hotel coffee. We were so sad when we had to leave. 

We again trotted ourselves to The Scarborough Hotel for a breakfast. This time I asked for an Apple juice but unfortunately that came and it was pressed Apple Juice and I can assure you I am not a fan. 

After a delicious breakfast we went back to the hotel, checked out and got into the car. We then had an hour long journey home where Ellis fell asleep. 

I would definitely stay in a hotel for Leeds again next year, it was so much better for us! 

I'm gutted that festival season is over but at least it's nearly my birthday! 

Have you enjoyed a festival this year? Tell me more about it! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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