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Hi! Remember me? I write this blog but sadly I've not been able to blog recently. You may remember me mentioning here that this September I was hopefully going to get myself an apprenticeship...well I also mentioned here that I actually got it and I'm now working full time in a real office doing Social Media for a real business! If you're interested in hearing more about that then follow me on Twitter @JennieWrenBlog because I post daily about how it's going. 

Due to working full-time I have basically had to put my blog 2nd for the first time in a while so that I can try to figure out a pattern of when I'm going to blog. I work Monday-Friday. I wake up at 6am, leave at 7.30am and don't get home until 6.30pm. The time I have free is left to relaxing and to spending time with loved ones. If there's one thing I've learned in the past week of working it's that it's really hard working full-time. 

Just before I started working too I noticed that all of my Social Media buttons had messed up completely and that really made me down. My blog design isn't anything great but those buttons made my blog a little more complete. When I get my first proper wage at the beginning of November I am going to pay for a real designer to design me a beautiful blog. 

Luckily, due to working in such a great sector, I am learning so much about the world of Social Media, blogging, SEO, digital marketing, PR - it's so crazy. I love my generation and the social media evolution that has evolved throughout it. 

It's my birthday on Friday - I'm 18! I can't wait to celebrate. I'm dragging Ellis shopping with me on Friday to buy some pretty dresses for the weekend. On Saturday I'm going for a carvery with Ellis and one half of my family and on Sunday I'm going for an Italian with Ellis and the other half of my family. My sister has made me a Foo Fighters cake and my Dad's getting me a Frozen cake made - I'm so excited! 

I'm going to try and post as much as I possibly can - I'm sorry if it's not that great though! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 

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  1. Congratulations that's brilliant, wishing you all the best in your apprenticeship, you will go far doing that type of job at the moment! x

    Amy at Amy & More