Ikea Haul

Myself and Mother Hen took ourselves on a day trip to Ikea (using public transport) to buy lots of cute things for my room to make it snazzy. Here is a sneak peek of everything I bought. 

One Green Cute Vase (Can't find online)

I love the bed spreads, they make me feel so cosey at night especially now it's nearly Winter! I've needed a laptop rest for a long time and I love this as it was cheap and it's pink! 

I love how cute these fairy lights look around my bed! I also think that the clip on lamp is perfect for times that I want to read at night! 

I love how cute the addition of a lantern and tea lights look in my room - I definitely have started to feel a little Christmassy now! 

With the pots I'm going to store pens and make up brushes and stuff. I'm going to have the cute little vases around my room with flowers just to add a bit more colour! I'm getting a LACK shelving unit too to add a bit of storage to the room. 

What have you bought from Ikea recently? 

Lots of Love 
Jen xo 


  1. Love the lights :) I have the same flower pods :)


  2. super cute stuff! I've never shopped at Ikea, but one day, I hope I can when I move to my own place :D