It's all about the confidence

Yes, I did just quote Gok Wan in my title.

On Tuesday I nervously took part in The Juice Academy boot camp and ended up winning myself a place as a Social Media Apprentice and an actual job! 

Although a lot of the reason I got a place was down to having this blog; I do think that it was also down to being way more confident than I usually am.

Being confident is not something I've ever been good at. I have always been the shy, nervous girl. I've always been quite unapproachable and hard to talk to because of it. I've realised recently that I do have social anxiety and that made me want to fight against something so on Tuesday I came completely out of my comfort zone and tried to be way more confident.

If, like me, you've never been a confident person then it can be difficult to get yourself out of the rut. But you need to realise that you can't rely on anybody but yourself to change it. 

I found that smiling was such a key way to make me feel less nervous and shy. If you convince yourself that you're happy, and you look happy then that is a great first step to gaining some confidence in the situation that you're in. 

Speak Up
Usually when I feel uncomfortable, nervous and not confident I tend to stay quiet. Tell someone that you're feeling that way so they know! I felt like I was telling potential employers on the day that I wasn't feeling nervous at all - and guess what? I really didn't feel nervous at that point! 

Also, talk a lot. If, like me, you feel like you're literally scared to speak because you might come out with something stupid - say it anyway! It's ridiculous to sit around and not speak just because you think someone will think what you're saying isn't right. Let them think that! In experience I've realised that the people that don't speak and sit around (like I used to do) tend to be the ones that people look at more and think "why's that person not speaking?" 

Brighten Yourself Up
You're not going to feel confident if you're not prepared to be confident. How are you dressed? Are you wearing something that you think covers up your flaws e.g love handles? Or are you wearing clothes that make you feel amazing? I'm pretty certain you're going to feel more confident with yourself if you're look the way you want to look. Wear your favourite lipstick or bright green shoes! Bright green shoes? Yes! Colours are such a great way to feel happier with yourself. Although I don't tend to wear many colours in clothes I love to accessorise with them or wear bright lipsticks and nails! 

Finally, ask yourself why you don't feel confident. I asked myself and the answer I realised was due to high school experiences that are still haunting me. I motivated myself to let it go. Totally just sang that in the voice of Elsa from Frozen. Let go of past experiences that are making you feel unconfident. Were you bullied? Why let the bullies defeat you? Show them you love yourself. Did an ex partner make you feel like that? They're an ex for a reason - don't even think of them, don't include them in your life. Do you just get down by looking at people you think are better than you? Prettier than you? Smarter than you? You are you for a reason. Stop looking at those "flawless" people because I'm pretty sure they will have flaws too. Embrace your own self. Your personality, your smile. 

Be you.

Lots of Love
Jen xo

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  1. My past basically made me who I am - low self-esteem, always fearful, and with lots of different kinds of anxiety. There are times when I act confident, but I always fear that I'm being too cocky instead. I don't know...