Aspiring to be a blogger?

Sometimes, whilst reading the odd blog post, I see people clearly stating that you can't want to be a blogger for money

Why? I shout as I question every other person's aspirations. My boyfriend plays the drums really well and aspires to be a drummer...who gets paid. I enjoy writing blogs so how come I can't aspire to be a blogger and get paid for it? 

I understand that when money becomes involved some bloggers steer away from their original personal blogging style and tend to change into a blogger that writes about things for the sake of getting paid. 

I love to blog but I only blog about things I want to blog about. Recently I was kindly gifted some free snazzy things in the return of writing about them and that's fine because I wanted to write about them because it was something to do with my blog.  

I have been contacted by a health company asking me to try some health supplements but I turned that down. Sometimes I do write about health on here (though not very often as my diet currently involves plenty of Jaffa Cakes) but would I ever want to have green coffee bean tablets? Erm no. 

Of course I aspire to be a blogger. Like a proper blogger who gets paid for it. It's a brilliant job to have. It creates an income yet you can work from home and do it. You can connect with so many lovely people and learn more and more everyday. For someone like myself it's a great thing. The thought of working in a shop terrifies me where as the thought of writing all day for my own blog is amazing. I am not the sort of person who will settle for something I don't enjoy and I don't think you should too. 

If you love to blog and would love it as a career then go for it! If others can do it as a job then why can't you? It's not going to be easy but if it's what you want you seriously should go get it. 

What do you think about this topic? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo

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  1. nice topic and I like the points you made. It would be nice to generate income from blogging. However, I try not to dwell on it because personally, I think it would just create unnecessary pressure, stress, and anxiety. I have enough of that in real life ;)

    Arianne |