Appreciating The World

I'm back from a brisk visit to Anglesey. Whilst I was there I didn't take my camera, instead I truly appreciated every little aspect of the natural world. 

We crossed a canal viaduct with a huge drop but a spectacular view. It was breath-taking and completely picturesque. It's strange how just looking at something can make you feel. At first I felt as though I was going to throw up from the height we were at but then I felt completely in awe of where I was. I love beautiful views. 

We visited an amicable place called Fairy Glen next. It was so quiet - I felt as if we were the only people there. It had secret places where you had to climb steep rocks. There were waterfalls and then there was this hidden lake where the sun beamed down on it and glistened speckles of light on the water. 

Sitting by the lake side that was surrounded by mountains was memorable. Watching boats pass and staring at the tiny gingerbread looking house in the distance. 

We found ourselves sat on the decking by the caravan watching the sun set with the slight chill of the early autumn breeze.

As we cosied up that night with a cup of tea we gazed at the royal moon as it lit up the bay. "Look at the moon" echoed from the caravan. And that's exactly what we did - the moon just looked perfect, so big and mighty lighting up the sea. 

The day following we were joined by the lovely company of Ellis' Nana and Grandad. I'm sure you're already aware of my admiration towards older generations. 

How lovely is it to eat breakfast and drink tea outdoors? I think it must do something to the soul, or the heart, or the brain. I feel so at peace sipping tea onlooking the sea or fields of Heather. 

That afternoon we made friends with some horses. There was four of them and they were entirely delightful. I used to be scared of them, bizarrely. We stood with them for so long, feeding them lots of long strands of grass. They looked like they appreciated us and we appreciated them. 

We walked along this silent country path, framed by blackberry bushes that we picked so that Ellis' mum could make some jam. The bushes also were guarded by these spiders. I'm not a huge fan of spiders, in fact I'm terrified of them, but I don't mind just watching them as they relax in a web. 

We trekked through a field of Heather. This made me a little tearful as Heather was my late grandma's favourite plant and she would've loved it there I'm sure. 

Ellis stood by the edge of a cliff and looked down at the huge drop. This panicked me of course but I'm sure whatever the view he saw was absolutely breath-taking. 

We journeyed back to Manchester in the evening. It's such a lovely journey as the sun is setting, driving by the mountains and by the sea. 

When it was the dark the moon made another appearance. I really love the moon. It was so bright and beautiful. It just glowed there watching down at us. I felt like it was guarding us all the way home as it was always there. I do feel sorry for it though, it must be pretty lonely up there in the sky on your own. 

Enjoy nature. 

Lots of Love 
Jen xo


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