Things you may not know about me

It's getting to a point where I'm getting more new followers and I think it's time I let you get to know me a little bit better! Here are a few things you may not know about me. 

  1. I live in a rough part of north Manchester so people expect me to be chavvy and have a broad accent but I was actually born in Cheshire so I sound quite posh. I'm definitely not posh though! 
  2. I'm named after both of my grandmas. Grandma Jennie (who is no longer with us) is where my first name is from and Nonna Maria is where my middle name, Maria, is from.
  3. My sisters are technically my half-sisters because we have different dads but they never knew their real dad so we've grown up treating each other as proper sisters. 
  4. Ellis and I met at a party where he "pulled" me (so romantic I know) and the next day he asked me by text "would you ever go out with me" and I was like "where to?" and he was like "no, like be my girlfriend" and I was like "is this a joke?" - now look at us. 
  5. I live with my dad in a 4-bedroomed house that only two bedrooms get used because the rest are full of crap as we've hoarded too much for the past 17 years. 
  6. I only see my mum on a Friday-Sunday because she works all week but that's okay. 
  7. I went to a grammar school and everyone thinks I'm posh and a geek and a lesbian and rich. Even though you only had to get 40% on the exam to get in, I got a bursary because I definitely couldn't afford £8500 a year for education and I live in a rough area. 
  8. I dropped out of college this year.
  9. I'm currently unemployed because no where will hire me because I have no work experience - but I'm hoping to get an apprenticeship in September. 
  10. I love music festivals. This year will be my fifth time at Leeds Festival and I can't wait - my mum is a god for forcing me to go when I was 13. 
  11. I am obsessed with Foo Fighters - you probably knew that but I wanted to add it in. 
  12. I love heavy rock and metal and hardcore music which may surprise you because I'm a petite girl and I probably look like I listen to One Direction. I actually do listen to One Direction but that's a secret. 
  13. I'm 5ft2. 
  14. I have a mole of my chin that has made bullies target me for years. I'm only just getting to like it on me. 
  15. I want loads of tattoos and my nose pierced. 
  16. I want to have my own business before I'm 30. We can all dream! 
  17. I love the colours lilac and mint green.
  18. I'm going to get a Fiat 500 in mint green when I start earning money and save up.
  19. I want to road trip around Italy in my Fiat 500 too. 
  20. I have one nephew and two nieces - they change their opinion on me every time I see them I'm never sure if they're going to want to hug me or kill me. 
Tell me some more about you! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. I'm 5ft2 too! I also love rock music :)

    ~ K

    1. Oooo! What bands are your favourite? :) x

  2. I hope I'm 5 foot 2! I might be a little shorter... :P ooo and I like your little Olaf!

    Every Day In Grace

    1. I might be shorter too but last time I was 5ft2 so I'm hoping I haven't shrunk since then! I refuse to measure my height again. And thanks I wish it was mine but I just nabbed it to get a photo with it in the Disney Store! :) x