The Sunday Synopsis #5

This week has dragged so much and hasn't been very good in all honesty. I haven't seen Ellis since Monday which is pretty naff and I miss him - I don't know how you lot in long distance relationships manage it I'm so sad! 

On Monday me and Ellis spent ages in bed just watching videos and being lazy and then we finally got ready and went into town around 2ish. We saw my sisters and the kids there so hung with them for a bit and then left them to stroll around by ourselves for a few hours and then we met up with my other sister Sami and my niece Ella because me and Ellis said we'd sit with Ella for an hour in Costa whilst my sister worked. After babysitting me and Ellis said goodbye and was really sad...sob. I then went home and was miserable.

On Tuesday I stayed in bed until midday and then decided I felt lonely so I brought my laptop downstairs and did the same stuff downstairs with my dad so I was less lonely. Around 6.30ish in the evening I felt really rubbish after all the food I'd scoffed to make myself feel better and decided to go for a shower to make myself f r e s h. That did make me feel a little bit better. 

On Wednesday I was up very early (8am) and I went to meet my big sister to go to the doctors...that's all I'm going to discuss about that because obviously that's a little private. I then went home again and did a lot of blogging. Around 6ish I went to babysit my nephew and niece for an hour which made me a little happier. 

On Thursday I got up early again and went into Manchester with my dad because he was going to collect some comics and I wanted to treat myself. We explored Waterstones, Disney Store and Paperchase - you can read my love about these shops here. My dad treated me to a Frozen mug and a notebook and diary that you can see on my Instagram. We then went to pick up his comics from The Travelling Man and Forbidden Planet and then we went for breakfast at Koffee Pot in the Northern Quarter because Guy Garvey from Elbow recommended the bacon butty and I will admit it was lovely! We then went home and I felt really ill for some odd reason so I just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. 

On Friday I lazed about for a lot of the day in my pyjamas and got some blogging done. I felt really sick all morning again until I had some Weetabix and an Earl Gray. Around tea-time I went to my mum's house and we spent ages just chatting and then watched Big Brother.

On Saturday I woke up and watched the end of OITNB Season 2 (sob sob what am I meant to watch now?). Me and mum then went to see my nanna and grandad. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in our local town and had a coffee together and did a bit of last minute Wales shopping for me. I saw my friend Jenny from school and we had a bit of a chinwag in Debenhams. I then went back to my dad in the evening and spent some time with him.

Today I'm packing for Wales and then I'm off to Ellis' to stay the night before we go to Wales - woo hoo! 

Did I redesign my blog header? Nope. I've not had the energy to it this week! 
Did I learn more blog tips? Probably have done but I think I've forgotten! 
Did I use more social media? Yep! I've been posting more on Twitter and I've been using my Google + and Pinterest too! 
Was I more positive? Ish. Part of the week was hard for me and I really couldn't stay positive. 

Next week is going to be so much better as I'm seeing Ellis and we're off to Wales for a week - I can't wait! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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