The Sunday Synopsis #4

This week hasn't been too bad at all but at the end of the week there was a mixture of emotions! On Monday, after staying at Ellis' for the weekend I went home, expecting to have a relaxing afternoon, however I was welcomed to my dad having a seriously injured arm. So we ended up going to the hospital and then having my second Indian takeaway in two nights. On Tuesday I went to see the amazing other-half, who made me a cup of tea and teacakes...mmm. I then went home and spent the evening writing blogs. On Wednesday I woke up extremely early to go into town to buy a load of balloons and cards for Ellis' birthday - commitment or what. Then Ellis' mum picked me up and we went to buy him a cake and food for his birthday. That night was spent just having a laugh with my boyfriend, watching TV and being 'cute'. On Thursday it was Ellis' 17th birthday! It was a really lovely day. We went to Frankie & Benny's with his mum, brother, aunty, grandma and cousins and I got my daily dose of Earl Gray. We then went to get our eyebrows threaded and the pain was worth it because my eyebrows now look FIIIINE. Ellis then finally got a bank account opened. And we also did a bit of shopping and I bought my first Revlon Lip Butter. We then went back to Ellis' and took the dog on a nice little walk. We spent the afternoon spending time with Ellis' grandma, uncle and cousins. The night was emotional because it was the last night before Ellis got a full-time job and I realised that would be mean less time spending together (hell yeah, I'm emotional). On Friday we woke up dead early because Ellis started his job. He paid for a taxi for me back home and then after a nice cup of tea I went to meet my mum and sisters and the kids in town. We had some food in the local Wetherspoons and then went back to my mums and spent the afternoon together. I then went with my mum and Stan to go shopping for my nan and grandad, which was a nightmare. On Saturday me and mum stayed in all day and chilled and my oldest sister, Sami, visited with Ella my niece. I then went to Ellis' and spent the night with him. Today I'm off to see Guardians of the Galaxy (finally) with Ellis and my dad and then we're off for a carvery. 

Did Ellis have a successful birthday? Definitely, it was lovely. 
Was I more organised? I guess so, I got all of my posts done on time. Go me. 
Did I discover & praise more blogs? I definitely discovered a few but I haven't had the time to praise any - next week...

Next week is going to be pretty boring probably because Ellis is working all week! :( But we're off to Wales again soon! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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