Saturday at Leeds Festival

Following on from Friday at Leeds Festival. Me and Ellis woke up with a less-than-promising weather forecast as I had expected. Luckily Cloggs had kindly gifted me a gorgeous pair of Hunter wellies and a snazzy Mi Pac ruck sack  to help me carry my waterproofs and jumpers for the evening around easily. 

We met my mum and Janice at the Costa in the hotel reception but quickly headed off down the road to the train station where we sat in a pub sort of place for a full-English breakfast. We weren't very pleased by the food - we asked for soft eggs and we got hard eggs. 

After a short mooch around the Boots in the train station buying some pain killers we headed over to the shuttle buses and thankfully didn't have to wait to long for one to arrive. 

After arriving we sat in the guest area for a short while and then headed out to the main stage. We caught the last bit of Blood Red Shoes that really didn't appeal to me. We then saw Deaf Havana. I saw them back in 2012 and they were a lot better this year! James, the front man, is a quirky kind of funny and the whole set was thoroughly entertaining. 

We then headed back into the guest area for some food - we had the famous guest bar pizza. I then saw someone I recognized with his was only James from Deaf Havana! I plucked up the courage to go and tell him that his set was brilliant and asked for a picture which he kindly agreed to. I think I may have offended the rest of the band because I had no idea what they look like in reality (poor eyesight) and I think they may have been the people he was stood with and yet I only complimented James...oops. 

After the starstruck moment we could hear Enter Shikari playing and although we had agreed not to watch them because Ellis wasn't much of a fan and I'd seen them 4 times already we ended up heading to their set for the last 15 minutes and I'm so glad we did. They absolutely killed it this year and it makes me proud seeing them with such a crowd after so many years watching them at Leeds Festival. 

After this we stayed for Vampire Weekend and they were incredible! My mum has now declared herself a fan because they were so up-her-street. 

One of the biggest bands I'd wanted to see were next. Queens of the Stone Age. I have been a big fan of them for a long time now and seeing them live was an experience to remember. They were incredible! I am a little gutted Dave Grohl didn't appear to play drums but I'll eventually get over it. 

Paramore were Leeds headliners for the Saturday. I wasn't particularly excited for them at first but as they opened with mine and Ellis' song and played a lot of their old stuff as well as their new stuff I was literally in my element. I felt 12 again and I couldn't stop singing. I found myself knowing every single lyric to songs I hadn't heard in years. It felt like such a special moment watching them headline after being one of my favourite bands a few years back. They were definitely one of my favourite acts of the whole weekend. 

As the weather was pretty rubbish on this day we felt a little groggy after the headline set and decided to just head straight back to the bus. I was so tired by the time we got back and I was flat out within minutes of hitting the bed. 

Have you seen the Reading and Leeds highlights? Who have you enjoyed so far? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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