Perfect Playlist #2

I've recently been loving a few songs and I thought I'd share them with you so that you can too! 

1. The Maine - Inside of You

I absolutely adore this song. I saw The Maine once in like 2011 I think, supporting All Time Low and I did really like them. Recently Ellis has been playing this song a lot and I absolutely love it musically and lyrically too. Ellis has also been learning it on guitar and it just makes me smile/cry when I listen to it. Very beautiful. 

2. Katy Perry - Birthday

This has been my go-to shower song at the moment. I literally have a one-woman party in my shower. It's such a party song and makes me instantly happy when I listen to it. 

3. Fat Boy Slim etc. - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

I like this because 1) It's a party tune. and 2) Beardyman features in it and once when I was like 8 in the school choir Beardyman was at Young Voices at the M.E.N and it was brilliant and I can't believe how big he's got now! 

4. Foo Fighters - Walk

With the Foo Fighters teasing about their new album I have been listening to so much Foos recently! I love Walk because I think it's very inspiring and as all of Foos songs it tells a nice message/story. The video is hilarious as that's what they're good at and I find myself very happy listening to it! Also I just wanted to include Foo Fighters. 

Queens of the Stone Age - If I had a Tail 

I am loving QOTSA again at the moment. I'm looking forward to seeing them at Leeds and I'm really loving this song off the new album. Really can't wait to see them headline! 

What have you been listening to recently? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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