Organising your blog

When I started blogging I definitely did not know how organised you'd have to be. I have transformed myself into the least organised person to someone that is kind of organised and by doing this it has increased my blogging ability, the traffic I get and more. I thought I'd list the first steps I took to become a little bit more organised. 

Visit a stationary shop
When I visited Paperchase I definitely found myself wanting to become extremely organised. When you're in a place full of beautiful stationary you just want to have it all so you're going to need to become organised to use that beautiful stationary. 

I recently bought a diary and inside it I pencil ideas on each day to fill in a blog post for that day. I always fill in the obvious ones like "The Sunday Synopsis" and "My Monday Missions" as these have days designated for them. I make sure I use pencil as you never know when you'll need to switch them around or get rid of them altogether and I wouldn't want to mess up a gorgeous new diary. 

I also bought a new notebook recently with three dividers inside. The first section is where I write my "to-do" lists. I always write these and date them so that I know which one I'm referring to. The second section is where I write my blog ideas. I designate an entire page for each idea and write each idea in detail so that it's quicker to write up later on. I also write what image will appear with this post. The third section is my blogging related notes such as my blogging checklist which is just a list of things I ensure I do after writing each post. When I've done what I've needs doing in this notepad I neatly (using a ruler) cross them out so I'm always aware of what needs to get done next. 

Write the post
Obviously the next step is opening Blogger (or your blogging platform of choice) and just get writing. You'll find it's much easier to write the post now you've planned it all out NEATLY. Don't forget to edit it and proof read and put yourself in your readers point of shoes because why would you post something if it doesn't seem like a good read for your readers? 

Google Calender
I then head to Google calender on my laptop to mark in the posts that are going up and their times. I use Google calender because it's easily synced with my phone as well as being on my laptop and it's so easy to understand. 

Sunrise App
I use the Sunrise app on-the-go because I can sync it with my Google calender and add in important events as and when I get them whether that's on the bus, in the Supermarket or as I'm on a walk. 

I use Tweetdeck online to schedule my tweets. I use this because it's a free version but if I could afford some of the others like Hootsuite I definitely would give that ago. 

What do you do to get organised?  

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. I don't do anything apart from write any blog ideas in my notebook when I get them. Hootsuite is free by the way.

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. I have just bought myself a diary so I can jot down ideas when they come to me, when I'm not at my computer. I saw a fabulous tip on twitter the other say and to ''talk to your phone'' talking in to your memo is sometimes good for speaking your inspiration and writing down. I thought it was ingenious!!!
    Rebecca xxx

  3. the diary for blog planning sounds great ill have to start that!