Loving yourself

I came across this quote on Pinterest (what are the odds?) and it got me thinking. A lot of people don't realise how important it is to love themselves. 

Who knows you more than you know yourself? Nobody. Nobody else has felt those feelings and lived every single memory and seen everything you've seen or heard everything you've heard or ate everything you've ate. You know yourself the most. 

So why spend most of our life just making others happy when that may not be helping ourselves? True happiness in ourselves does not happen unless we treat ourselves well. 

Don't hold back from doing what you want just because other people pull their nose at it. If I did that I wouldn't be blogging right now because a lot of people just don't get it. 

If it makes you happy, puts a smile on your face or fills you with joy then do it. Don't hesitate just because you think a bad friend will try to make fun of you about it - just don't care. 

What do you do to make you happy? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. I cut off every person that makes me feel bad and negative. I have anxiety and that alone is enough of a struggle. I don't need people criticizing me for no good reason, too :) I'm also learning to go out more and enjoy the things around me as opposed to being cooped up in my room all the time.

    Arianne | http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com

    1. It's great that you're learning to go out more! I think the day I left education and all the nasty people that came with that I began to get happier! I've found myself spending my time focusing on my own happiness and my boyfriend and my family! :) x