Guest Post: Reading and Leeds Playlist by Eleanor from Effy's Spaces

August bank holiday weekend to many is just an lie in on Monday, but to some it is the best weekend of the year. 3 days of music, merriment and mud... mostly mud. I have gone to Leeds Fest the last two years and can honestly say some of my fondest memories have been made there, with some of the best people! Unfortunately I'm not going this year and it's killing me... Arctic Monkeys please!

To ease my none festival going woes, I have made a Spotify playlist of my top 25 songs to see at Leeds/Reading. Feel free to listen to it for the whole weekend, maybe with a box of tissues because we aren't in the fields, with mud up to our necks (maybe were better at home)! 

I hope you enjoy listening to it, I know I have since I have made it, I would love you to let me know in the comments below! Also Thank you to Jennie for letting me have a little guest post on her wonderful blog! 

Hope you are all having a brill weekend! 


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