Guest post: Embrace the "alter ego" in you! by Keeley from Dragging Online

Hi everyone! Whilst Jennie is off "festival-ling" it up in a field somewhere, I have been given the opportunity to write a guest post for this wonderful blog of hers. Now, when Jennie put out a tweet to get guest bloggers to help out, I jumped at the chance as I am kind of on a one (wo)man mission to get a certain word out there.

So, why did I bracket the "wo" part of woman? well, my little doll faced beauties, I shall let you in a little secret
"I am NOT an actual woman"
There you go, I am not a fully fledged member of the womanhood. I don't have the card to get me into the ladies toilets at night to take a #selfie and I don't have the ability to get free drinks on a night out.

So what am I? well I am a guy. A heterosexual guy who simply has a female alter ego that is unleashed as a form of expression. It is very complicated, if you allow it to be. Just think of it like this
"People have hobbies.Some people spend time collecting stamps, playing football, watching football or even writing a blog.....well I created a female persona to unleash my feminine creativity and blog"

So, Why do some men dress as women? well it depends, because many men who dress as women and want to become one are "transgendered" which means they are simply a woman born in the wrong body. This can easily happen the other way round too. Some men dress in women's clothing as a sexual pleasure, some do it on stag nights and some do it for an entertainment act "Drag Queen" etc.
I suppose what I am saying is, it doesn't really matter why some "Men" dress as "Women", all that matters is that they are happy.
I do explain more at my blog, so if you want a more in depth blog, head over there

I am in my 30's and I have dealt with confusion as to why I have this urge to dress as a woman for years. I have actually given up trying to work it out and decided that I must embrace it and get on with it.
Keeley was born out of feminine creativity, and I am on a mission to get the blogging world to embrace an alter ego of themselves. 
I want other bloggers to unleash a creation like "keeley" regardless of gender. If you are a woman, you can have another woman's alter ego. I want to see people out there blogging at least ONE post as their "alters" and let their inner creation let loose.

I call this #GenderBlogging and I hope it can make people aware that we are all capable of being more than we are. whether it is a gender switch, a personality switch or something else. So who is in? Unleash that inner alter ego! embrace a new lifestyle.

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