Friday at Leeds Festival

Last Friday was the beginning of one of my favourite times of year - Leeds Festival. 

At around 8.30, my mum's friend Janice picked us up. We had to take a detour on the way to pick up our waterproof jackets from the Post Office delivery office and then to Tesco to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels for Ellis. 

The journey was...lets say very disorganized. My mum is awful at reading directions and turned us off on the wrong junction and it took us a while to get us back on the motorway. Again, due to my mothers terrible directions, we struggled to find the hotel. We first took ourselves to the wrong Hilton hotel and then we forgot to turn to get into the right one and then due to being right in Leeds City Centre we found it hard to turn around because all the roads were one way. In all honesty the hotel car park was in a pretty stupid place but eventually we got there. 

However when we did arrive the rooms weren't ready. So we spent a good 10 minutes in the ladies toilets pouring our alcohol into plastic bottles. We definitely were not ready for Leeds this year. We then had to struggle to find the shuttle bus with two huge tents that we kindly offered to set up for my mums boyfriend and his son. After finally getting on the shuttle bus and a 40 minute ride - we were at Leeds Festival. 

We unfortunately are not very good at putting up tents so that process took a while. When we eventually got them up it's fair to say I needed wine in my system. Me and Ellis then managed to catch the end of Young Guns - my favourite song of theirs: Bones. They sounded pretty good and I regretted not seeing the entire set! 

Next we watched Papa Roach. They were incredible and I was so looking forward to seeing them. It was so surreal when they played Last Resort as it's a song I've grown up listening to and it was even better live. 

We then sat in the guest area for a little while - band watching. I didn't see any bands though. We (very excitedly) went to see A Day To Remember and I screamed when I saw Jeremy McKinnon in the flesh. They were amazing. Such an incredible band to see live and it was such a special moment to see one of mine and Ellis' favourite bands with him for the first time. 

Ellis and I then got to see You Me At Six (my 3rd time) and they were seriously awesome. We've grown to really be back in love with You Me At Six with their latest album and it was awesome seeing it live, as well as seeing them play their old stuff too such as Kiss and Tell. 

We then decided to give Macklemore a miss, regrettably, and sat in the guest area whilst he played. We luckily saw his last song, Can't Hold Us, which was brilliant so that made me realise we should have watched the whole set. 

Blink 182 was the headliner for the night. I was quite disappointed with it if I'm honest. In 2010 they did an incredible set that I still love until this day but this year they just seemed past it. Mark Hoppus' and Tom De Longe's voices have aged far too much and haven't kept them as well as they used to back in the day. They both told some pretty terrible jokes and spent a lot of time talking throughout their set and that seriously annoys me because it reduces the amount of songs they can fit in. If they didn't have Travis Barker as a drummer I wouldn't have gone to see them because Travis' drumming kept me in awe of the band I was seeing and his talent is that incredible that you can't miss it. 

We were so ready for our beds by the end of the night so we went straight to the shuttle buses and checked into our hotel. Our rooms were so lovely and our bed was so comfy. 

I can definitely say our first day was a success. 

Lots of Love 
Jen xo 


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