Festival Essentials: Are you a camper or a glamper?

If you follow my Twitter and my Instagram you're most likely aware that I'm off to Leeds Festival on Friday for my 5th time! I am beyond excited not only for the bands but for the entire experience - it's definitely my favourite time of year. Last year I stayed in standard camping with my boyfriend and friends and to be honest it completely put me off wanting to camp ever again so this year, although we have guest tickets, we're all staying in a hotel woo!

So, as I've been a regular camper and now I'm going to be a glamper I thought I'd share with you the essentials you need for both types. 

Camping Stuff & Things You Literally Can Not Forget

  • Tickets - I know it's so obvious but some people actually do forget them! 
  • Money - You won't be able to survive a festival with the food and booze you bring yourself. Plus you'll be tempted to buy cheap clothes and weird hats and that doesn't come free. 
  • ID - Although this doesn't apply to me as I'm still a baby (not for long though) ID is crucial whether you're buying an 18+ wristband or not. 
  • Tent - so if you're a camper then this is vital - make sure it's waterproof as it's likely to rain. 
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Airbed - or be a little bit snazzy and get an actual foam bed and memory foam mattress so you can sleep in comfort! 
  • Gazebo - so you can sit under it even when it's raining and drink with your friends.
  • Garden Chairs - these are a necessity if you don't fancy a wet bum. 
  • Torch - it is literally impossible to find anything in your tent once it gets dark.  
Day to Day Essentials

  • Bum Bag - I only used my last year but it was a lifesaver! No more having to stuff things in pockets and always having to take a jacket around. I bought mine from the festival itself from a stall and it was fairly cheap but it's great! I might get a new one whilst I'm there because red won't really go with clothes I'm taking! 
  • Cheap Phone - if you're going to camp the whole three days your iPhone battery is not going to last. I repeat it is not going to last. To enable you to stay in contact with the world i.e the friends you have lost during crowd surfing or your mum to ensure her you're safe, get yourself a cheap phone and that's you sorted for the weekend. 
  • Hand Sanitizer - you are going to be using portaloos which get blocked up of poo, people wee on the seats and they smell like you're stranded in a sewage system. Have a guess how dirty they are? Very. Hand sanitizer is essential as it will stop you from getting unwanted diseases from nasty things. I've got the Soap & Glory one - it's lovely.
  • Face Wipes - or baby wipes. When you're not showering for a few days these are essential. However I'm staying in a hotel so I'm only bringing them to take off my make up. 
  • Snacks - you're going to need some snacks to fuel you through the day and also to stop you getting too drunk. I'm not actually bringing any these were just in my bedroom as I don't need them as I'm GLAMPING! (Did I already say that?) 
  • Sunglasses - I wouldn't say bring some expensive Ray Bans but a good'ol cheap pair are great and hide your messy face when you don't look so great after a few days. 
  • Camera - if you don't fancy taking iPhone pics then a camera is always a good idea. The battery life is longer too! Make sure you only take a pocket-sized one though because you're not allowed "professional" looking cameras. 
  • Wellies - even if the weather forecast says SUN - there is probably going to be a bit of rain and when there's a bit of rain at British festivals that results in lots of mud and in a pair of white Converse you're not going to be able to get very far. 

  • Hair Cleaning - if you're glamping and can actually have a shower then make sure you bring travel sized shampoo & conditioner - mine are Charles Worthington Strength And Repair. If you can't shower then make sure you bring dry shampoo.
  • Hair Grips/Bobbles/Bands - to ensure your hair looks fabulous everyday then get yourself all of these essentials to look great. I've got myself some flower hair bands to make myself look extra festivally. 
  • Crazy Make Up - essential. You need to look crazy. This year I've got myself a Bourjois Blue Eyeliner and lots of Barry M glitter!! Whey! 
  • Skincare - I just take a simple moisturiser by Nivea with me to keep my face nourished throughout the day. 
  • Tangle Teaser - I have fallen in love with mine and I'm so taking it to Leeds. It's small so it's easy to pack too! 
  • Lightweight clothes - It may get cold but definitely pack lightweight clothes so you can fit more in and layers are better than a thick jumper! I'm taking a few dresses and lightweight jumpers this year! 
  • Electronics - if you're glamping (staying in a hotel) like me, then you will have access to plug sockets! Bring your phones, chargers, tablet and hair styling tools! 
If you're planning on drinking then definitely bring your own alcohol because everything is so expensive at the festival it self. Make sure to empty all your alcohol in plastic bottles though because glass is not permitted into any part of the festival. 
Make sure to get yourself a decent rucksack to carry everything in - I don't need one as I'm taking a suitcase but I was gifted this Mi Pac bag from Cloggs and it will be great to carry a few bits and bobs in. 

What have you got planned to take to a festival? Are you a camper or a glamper? 


  1. I have camped at V once but because I live so close if I go I just come back home each night. :) Have a fab time!

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. That's handy! I wish I lived close to a festival! Thanks I had a great time! x