Blogging Holiday?

Okay so I did something drastic - I stopped blogging for a few days. Well technically I scheduled a load and only had 3 days off but is that allowed?! Well it is in my books! I love to blog but sometimes I just want to take a step back and have a few days when I can just relax. Last week you may have read that I was going to Wales...well that didn't happen because Ellis was really ill so instead we just stayed at home. 

I stayed at his from Sunday to Thursday and we just chilled & tried to live. On Tuesday his mum and dad went to Wales so me and Ellis had to survive on whatever food we could make. I actually did okay! I made pasta (who knew I could do that) with a lovely sauce and a garlic bread. We then spent the evening watching telly and eating ice cream. 

The day after we took a walk and when we got home I felt so sick so Ellis did his own thing whilst I spent the evening watching Suits. Then I became addicted to Suits (you should watch it because it seriously is mint). On Thursday I was sad because I went home (spent £15 on a taxi - pretty ridiculous) and didn't see Ellis again for a few days. 

On Friday I met my mum after she finished work and we went late night shopping. She bought me a snazzy coat from Debenhams (reduced to £10 how good is that?) and a pretty dress that was only £10.39 on sale - keep your eyes peeled it will most likely feature on my Leeds posts. We then browsed TKMaxx and Asda and then went home and had wraps and watched the Big Brother final. We also got really excited for Leeds. 

The next day I visited my sister and my nephew and niece whilst my mum got her hair done and then me and mum took a trip to Home Bargains. What a great shop. We visited the big one and I was like wow this place has food. If you haven't gone you need to visit. We then visited my nan and grandad they're so cute and my other sister and my other niece turned up and then we went back to my mums for a while. When my sister went home me and mum spent ages getting excited for Leeds and then we had an Indian - fabulous night. 

On Sunday I went to Ellis' and we just chilled for the whole night and then made ourselves a revolting tea - MASHTAGS (potato chippy things in the shape of #, * and @) and hot and spicy chicken. I then felt ill for the evening and we fell asleep watching Mrs Doubtfire. On Sunday we woke up and cleaned the house ready for his parents return! When they got home they brought FOOD - we were so happy! A bit later Ellis' mum dropped me home and then I was sad again because no more Ellis until Thursday :( 

What's happening this week? Well nothing today because I am happy in Ellis' joggers to not want to go anywhere or do anything. Tomorrow I may go last minute Leeds shopping for glitter and flower headbands. On Thursday I'm going to my mums to get excited for Leeds and help her clean the house and then I'll be back home packing for Leeds. Ellis will be staying. Then on Friday morning (very early) we are off to Leeds to see lots of amazing bands, chill in guest bar and stay in a hotel! I am so unbelievably excited! There will be lots of Leeds posts going up next week! 

What have you got planned for the week? Have you had a blogging holiday? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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