3 shops I could live in

I hope you didn't click on this blog post expecting me to say somewhere posh like Harvey Nichols because I won't be. I couldn't live in there I would probably damage something and get sued. I'm not actually saying that I could actually live in these shops I'm just saying metaphorically I could. 


Recently my love for books has increased so much because I am definitely growing up and wanting to learn so much more. I no longer go straight to the teen fiction area instead I'm straight to the Business stand. I browse for a while and I look at these book titles and dream about having my own business. Books do this thing where they truly make you believe. I just love books right now. There's one book called Information is Beautiful and it looks like something I need. It's full of imagery and I literally grabbed this book and pondered around the shop, trying to plead my dad to buy it me but he said no. I love the smell of books in general - you really don't get that smell anywhere other than a book shop and it is a lush smell. I am so in awe of life when I visit Waterstones. Yesterday I visited the Manchester one and it's so much bigger than the one in my town - I didn't know there was so many books to read! I'm not the only one who enters Waterstones and just instantly feels calm, right? You just can not be stressed, annoyed or aggravated in there - it isn't possible. I enter that shop and feel like I want to know everything. I want to be smart! I want to know how to build up my own business at 17, I want to know how to be more creative, how to get fit, how to create a really good website, how to take perfect images, how to be a boss...I just want to know every thing and with books there is no distractions to not want to read. There is no Facebook tab, Twitter notifcation or blog comments to distract you from reading - you just read. Another perk of the Manchester's Waterstones was that it had Costa Coffee inside! I can see myself wanting to live in there when it's Winter and there is honeycomb hot chocolates on offer. 

Disney Store

The Disney store fills me with excitement, seriously. The only reason I went into Manchester yesterday was to visit the Disney store to buy a Frozen mug. Buying that mug was a hard choice though because of the array of mugs they had - Belle, Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Miss Piggy, Darth Vader...I wanted them all. Sometimes I wish I was 5 again so I could purchase all the fancy dress clothes they have. I don't think it's fair they only go up to like 11 years...although I probably could squeeze myself into them - hey that's an idea! I am so obsessed with Frozen at the moment (yes I am one of those girls) and inside the Disney store is a Frozen dream - they have cuddly Olaf!!! I am so putting that on my birthday/Christmas list this year! It's just such a magical place inside - the music makes you feel like you are inside Disney and the imagery inside is beautiful. They have so much stock as well - I tend to find myself looking at the Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel and Jake and The Neverland Pirates section...not for my nephew either, I genuinely love that programme. 


I always remember the first time I visited Paperchase. I was about 9/10 and I was buying my school bag for year 5 or 6 of primary school and I ended up seeing this shoulder bag in Paperchase with cute handbags and shoes all over it and guess what? There was a matching pencil case - that sold it to me. Even if I don't buy anything I always love to browse Paperchase. The choices they put me through is quite mean though. It's so hard to choose which notebook or diary you want. Do you want a ring binder? Lined or plain? A5, A4, A6? Glittery? Stars? Stickers? I was in there for literally like 45 minutes trying to decide on what I wanted to get and eventually chose a notebook and a diary with matching designs. The quality of these notebooks and diaries are incredible too. I have had so many notebooks for my blogging organisation that have just got all messy because the quality was quite simply naff. Now I have these stunning ones I don't want to mess them up, I'm being extra neat with them - I'm using a ruler! 

What shops could you live in? I'd love to hear about them! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo

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  1. as an english student, waterstones is my second home...