Youngest daughter restraints

Sorry about picture quality. This is an iPhone picture of an olden day type of picture. And my mum's nails.

My mum has three daughters and I happen to be the youngest of the flock. Don't get me wrong, being the youngest does have it's perks but there are so many disadvantages. 

1. Even when you're almost 18, your mum, your dad, your aunt, your nan and every other person will forget that and think you're 14 still. 
2. You will be lectured on things your older siblings did even if you have or had no intention of doing those things. If your sisters smoked then you're going to have the "how harmful smoking is" talk all the time even if you have never touched a cigarette in your life. 
3. You will expect to be praised for some of the things you do but then you won't be. I always expected to be praised if I did really well in school but because my sisters weren't I wasn't either! (I think it's because my mum didn't want my sisters to get jealous ;))
4. You will be picked on for your entire life by your older sisters. 
5. You may be in a relationship for years but you take that boyfriend to see your Italian grandma and she will embarrass you. She will tell you to not do anything naughty. Not until you're married anyway. 

This was a spontaneous post. I'm being pretty sarcastic. This may just be happening to me and you may not go through any of this. I only wrote this because my aunt is driving me up the wall because she thinks I'm 14. My rant is over. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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