Top 5 Bands I've Seen Live

Inspired by my Saturday night consisting of Metallica live at Glastonbury; I thought I would share 5 of the best bands I've seen live. After being to Leeds Festival 4 years in a row and many concerts over the years I have had a fair share of amazing nights but these particular bands are by far the best ones I have seen. 

5. Kasabian at Leeds Festival 2012

In Fifth Place is the indie-rock British band Kasabian. They headlined the Sunday night at Leeds 2012 and really put on a show. They performed in skeleton costumes with glow in the dark bones - I'm seriously easily impressed! I didn't actually see much as I'm 5ft2 and being short in the middle of a festival crowd doesn't go very well. Never-the-less if a band can wow me so much even if I can't see them then they are pretty good aren't they? I particularly liked when they played Fire as the crowd really jumped and the atmosphere was incredible! 

4. Green Day at Leeds Festival 2013

Great photography skills, I know! 
Green Day was such a special set to watch because they are my boyfriend, Ellis', favourite band and although I hadn't liked them for a very long time Ellis has converted me into a massive fan. Their set was pretty incredible with a lot of songs I knew. There is no doubt that this band is amazing live and they know how to put on a show but due to the fact they played mostly songs from their album Dookie (that I'd never heard of) I found it difficult to enjoy this as much as I would if they played more of their more common songs and so that's why they only got fourth place in my top five. 

3. Bring Me The Horizon at Manchester Academy 2013

I never thought I'd be able to survive a heavy(ish) band like BMTH, but it was such an experience to see them live. They were incredibly good and the amount of mosh pits, wall of deaths and crowd surfers was brilliant. They played so many songs from their newest album and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. 

2. Biffy Clyro at Manchester Evening News Arena (now Phones 4 U Arena) 2013

Biffy Clyro was the first band I saw live with Ellis and so they always have a large area of my heart. The seats we had were incredible as we were so close! They played such a good set too including a lot from their newest album, which is my favourite one. I saw them again at Leeds Festival 2013 but due to the sound not being too great their set wasn't as enjoyable. 

1. Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Superbowl 2011

I promise I'm not just giving them top slot because they are my favourite band, but one of the main reasons I do love this band is due to their fantastic ways of being tremendous live. The first show I ever saw them play was at Milton Keynes. We travelled hours to get there, I held a wee in for almost 12 hours and the sun made the day amazing. They played for hours and had special guest Alice Cooper playing with them at the end as well as other special guests. Dave Grohl made every single person from the front to the back to the sides feel like they had his full attention. What a man. I have never seen such an amazing band live and I won't ever see a better band live because they were that good. I saw them live again at Leeds Festival 2012 and although they were incredible it wasn't quite the Milton Keynes set. 

What are your favourite live bands? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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