The Sunday Synopsis #3

This week has been a mixture of emotions and those sort of weeks confuse me. On Monday me and Ellis took my nephew on an adventure. It was a lovely day and really nice to spend some time with my nephew as well as Ellis. They both get on so well, and, well my nephew pretty much looks up to Ellis so seeing them together is swell. However, I just wasn't feeling myself on that day so I don't think the day was as valuable as it should and could have been. Tuesday was a better day. I journeyed to Ellis' and he met me off the bus with a beef sandwich - perfect boyfriend, right? We took the exquisite weather to our advantage and went on a walk with the dog through the woods near his house and saw a beautiful view of his local town. The rest of the day was very relaxed and unplanned and that's why I loved it. After we had both showered to feel less sweaty we decided to just ditch all form of technology (our phones and cameras) and just took a walk, hand in hand to the forest near his house as the sun was setting. That plan failed as I needed a wee and there was too many thorns for us to enjoy the walk so we headed back home but it was just lovely to spend the time together, not sharing it on social media or worrying about getting a nice shot of the sun set to put on Instagram - it was just nice for it to be a little memory for me and him. On Wednesday and Thursday I didn't feel great again. I went and babysat my nephew and niece on Wednesday night for a while and then spent the rest of the night reading blogs. On Thursday I spent the day in my pjs and then got dressed ready to meet my mum later that day. I sat in Costa on my own and drank a cream cooler whilst trying to think of blog post ideas - I don't think I thought of any because I was too intrigued by people having business meetings. I then met my mum and we went to my sister's house so I could get my hair done. It was not was I expected as I expected to have blue hair but now I've got green hair but I'm sort of adapting to it now and Katy Perry has it so why can't I attempt to rock it? On Friday me and Ellis spent the day together, I brought him  Need for Speed on DVD as an early birthday present and also a little pick-me-up because he wasn't feeling too great. On Friday night I spent the evening with my mum, chatting away as per. On Saturday I was forced to wake up at HALF 7. ON A SATURDAY. Me and mum went to meet my sister and my nephew and niece for some breakfast in a local Wetherspoons before they headed off to the seaside for the day. Me and mum spent up until dinnertime shopping for her holiday. I bought a new handbag from New Look which you can check out on my Instagram. I then spent the afternoon dreaming as looked through holiday brochures for USA & Canada road trips and helping my mum pack for her holiday. Around tea time I said goodbye to her and told her to have a nice holiday and I jetted off to Ellis' house to stay for the next few days. We had pizza for tea and after that Ellis' mum and dad headed out for a bit so me and Ellis decided to have a two-man party (yes these do exist, we have them regularly) and drank not-that-much beer but got quite merry from it. Ellis fell asleep early and I decided to watch About Time in bed. The occurrence of Ellis going to sleep before me isn't often so this was an opportunity to watch a chick flick. Today has been very relaxed. I'm staying at Ellis' tonight so we're just having a lovely, chilled Sunday. We woke up so early for some bizarre reason and got up straight away. I've spent the day reading blogs and the news for inspiration whilst Ellis has played on his Xbox, found new music and played some music on his guitar. 

This Week's Monday Missions Reviewed 

- Did I get my hair done? I didn't chicken out, but my hair is not blue - boohoo. I am now sporting a green bob and pretending to be Katy Perry singing Dark Horse and Birthday 24/7.
- Did I work out more? In a way - yes. No actual work outs were done but I've been on several walks this week so I'm pretty sure I did quite a bit of exercise! 
- Did I sell my camera and buy a new one? No. My camera is still at home, being useless because it's too heavy for me to lug about everywhere. Can anyone recommend a good compact DSLR that is less than £300? 
- Did I have a successful day out with my nephew? Yes, thank god. Harry enjoyed his day and he was on his best behaviour for us. 

On Thursday it's Ellis' birthday so I'm sure my week is going to be a lot more exciting! Check in tomorrow for more Monday Missions. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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