The Sunday Synopsis #2

My week has been so much better than the last! I was so down last week but that was definitely due to my hormones - you know what I mean girls? 
Monday was fab-u-larse. I was reunited with the boyf which made extremely excited. You can read all about our day together in my day in the life post. It wasn't a particularly special day but it was just one of those days when you just can't stop smiling. Tuesday I went home and wrote some blog posts - go me. I don't see this as a chore, I really enjoy my blog post times with my cups of Earl Gray and Foo Fighters playing in the background. I love it. Wednesday I mooched to Ellis' again. I had an allergic reaction from his cat (cat sat on my chest and chest went red and blotchy and Ellis found this funny). The day was pretty normal we watched lots of telly, spent time with his family and listened to music. The day after was just a sweaty day! We spent most of the day in his house being boring and then went to meet my dad in town around tea time. My dad treated us to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I wasn't expecting it to be good but it was better than that it was good. We then went for our dinner at Thompson's Fish & Chips close by but I didn't have much of an appetite so I just had a plate of chips. The day after Ellis went home and around 4ish I went to meet my friend Rachel (from This Charming Scrapbook) for a Costa. I tried my first Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Cooler and oh my goodness, I'm hooked. That is like Dave Grohl in the form of a drink. Delicious. I then met my mum around 6ish and went back to hers to stay for the weekend. Me and my mum could chat for literally hours on end. She makes me so inspired to do well in life. I also applied for an apprenticeship that I'm dying to get a place in - fingers crossed ey?! Saturday I was meant to be seeing Ellis and going to his gig but that got cancelled and he told me to spend the day with my mum instead as she goes away next week. So I did just that! Me and mum went to a Wetherspoons in my local town for breakfast - I had a less than average bacon barm. It then rained cats, dogs, lemons, bananas and whatever else whilst we got off the bus near the hairdressers my mum was going to. I sat with my mum for around 2 hours whilst she got her hair done and then we went shopping. I didn't buy a thing as I'm broke but my mum bought some bits and bobs for her holiday. After getting back to her house my sisters showed up with my nephew and nieces and I spent a few hours playing with them. After they went me and mum watched lots of telly, ate pate and drank tea. Decent night. Today we visited my grandparents. I absolutely loved seeing them. My nan told me off because I'm getting my hair dyed blue on Thursday but ah well, she'll adjust to it! We also saw my sister and my nephew and niece too! And now I'm just at home, writing blogs, drinking tea - the usual. 

I promised I'd review how my Monday Missions go on my Sunday Synopsis so lets go! 

Did I work out more? Er, no. I don't think I did a single work out this week just down to being relatively busy. I did a lot of walking though so I'll let myself off! 
Did I drink more water? I started out well by taking my water bottle out with me but I didn't drink much of it. 
Did I spend proper time with Ellis? Hell-to-the-freaking-yeah! I spent a lot of time with him this week and I barely went on technology whilst around him so go me! 
Did I get more organised? Kind of. Not really. Well today I made a content calendar for my blog posts so I've literally just began getting organised. It's a start! 
Did I keep using Mindful? Erm no. I didn't need to though! I've not been stressed or felt anxious at all this week so I haven't had a reason to use it! I think that's an achievement in it self! 

Don't forget to check in tomorrow morning for my new week of Monday Missions. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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