The Sunday Synopsis #1

A new weekly feature by me. This is practically like a new version of my weekly updates but...cooler. I'll share with you how my week was, how I felt, what I did, this is going to be fun. 

My week was quite frankly pretty poor. For personal reasons things made me sad and I found a lot of things hard to cope with this week. Being hormonal (you know how it is, girls) made it a lot worse as my emotions were all over the place. I felt neglected and lonely for the entire week, which probably was the initial reason I started blogging more this week and also interacting with more bloggers on Twitter. I missed my boyfriend because he couldn't see me as much as he usually does and I just needed a hug. As the week went on my happiness levels increased a little bit but I still feel pretty down. 

As for my blog, I am so proud of it this week. I bought myself a domain and I feel so much more professional now and people have started to actually want to read it and that's made me delighted because I didn't really ever get any comments. I keep checking my page views and I am so proud. Last weekend I had just reached 5000 and I am now over 5600 which is a big achievement for me. I feel like my writing ability has improved and I'm enjoying focusing on lifestyle posts that come from my thoughts and experiences rather than beauty. As much as I love beauty I have realised that there are only specific beauty-related things I enjoy to write about and I don't want my blog to become a chore to write, it should be enjoyed. 

I've spent the majority of my week in my pyjamas feeling sorry for myself, eating Ben and Jerry's. It was nice to actually leave the house on Friday to go to my mums. Me and Ellis went on a rummage in town - I have a new infatuation for Holland & Barrett. We also went to Costa and I tried their Peach Iced Tea but it was awful compared to the raspberry one. Or at least the Costa I went to they just can't make it properly. Me and mum babysat Harry and Grace, my nephew and niece, last night. Harry wouldn't go to sleep so we watched Despicable Me with us. They both then woke me up at half past six - fantastic. Me and mum took them both on a walk this morning and it was really quite lovely. I love walking through trees and I just love fresh air in general. 
I am so tired right now, I think the Ben and Jerry's is calling me to wake me up. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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