The Lip Addict Tag - Guest Post by Champagne and Lemonade

Lip Addict Tag

1) Favourite balm or treatment
Baby Lips - Mint Fresh 
This is my favourite out of all the baby lips and you can tell as you can see how well used it is. I like the tingling feeling and I often wear it under my lipstick.

Burts Bees - pomegranate 
Because I couldn't just choose one! I love this Burtsbees one too. This is my first Burtsbees product, I got it as a gift at christmas. I love the scent and how easy it glides on and its usually between this or baby lips which I reach for most.

2) Best eye catching red
Max Factor - Ruby Tuesday
This was stolen from a friend at uni as I went through a stage of wearing it all the time. I don't as much now as I'm more in to my pinks at the moment. It is a ice creamy consistency and looks so bright and pigmented on. I only this and one other red. Its not really my colour I don't think. 

3) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore
Luxury: Dior - Darling
This was my first Dior lipstick. I loveee the colour, its so shiny and pigmented and just makes me feel wonderful!It is pricey but defiantly worth it. 
Drugstore: Bourjous Rouge edition - Pink Pong
My current obsession. Me and Megan from Student-Style share a love for this. I always get complemented on the colour. It lasts so well and is so highly pigmented would 100% recommend to pink lovers.

(I lost this picture Im very sorry! & I cannot take another as I haven't brought it to camp)

4) Best MAC lipstick
I saw somebody wearing this and had to ask the colour because I love it. I don't have loads of MAC colours but this is my current favourite. Its lovely and bright and is great for a night out !

5) Most disappointing product
MUA - Peachy Keen
I obviously wasn't expecting big things from a £1 product but I have heard a lot of people like these. I just didn't they are too drying for me and doesn't have the colour pay off. Good job I didn't splash out ! 

6) Liner - yes or no?
Yes, I only own one though so if it matches then I use it. I have Mac - Hip 'N' Happy. I bought it just to try, I do really like it but I wouldn't be fussed about using one all the time.

7) Best gloss

Dior - Lip Maximiser
Love this lip gloss. Its just a clear one but its a lip maximiser that makes your lips all tingly and leaves them looking fuller. The only thing with this is I don't like to apply it over the top of a colour as I don't want another colour to come off on to the applicator.

8) Something extra

Elf - Classy
Such a bargain this lipstick ! I think it was £1.50, its nicely pigmented and it smells and tastes nice! what more do you need. I thought I would add this in as it is one I always keep in my everyday handbag to top up when I need. 


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