Perfect Playlist #1

I thought I'd add a cheeky little feature to my blog. Welcome "Perfect Playlist" - I'll basically post 10 songs every now and again that I'm loving at the moment. Music is something I absolutely adore and my taste in it varies pretty widely so hopefully you'll learn a bit about what I'm into with these. Enjoy. 

1. Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold 

This song is pretty special to me at the moment. Ellis really got me into A7X a few months ago and I regret not getting tickets to see them last November. Anyway, this song makes me smile but cry at the same time. The story behind the song is pretty cute - M basically singing about his wife whilst he's on the road touring. Ellis reminds me of M and because Ellis wants to become a rock star it makes me think of him thinking that about me when he's on the road. Soppy. 

eez-eh - Kasabian

I love Kasabian! I saw them at Leeds in 2012 and they put on a great show. When I saw this song play on the BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend Highlights I loved it and I've played it a lot ever since. It gets me pumped and is a typical Kasabian song and I'm listening to it right now and it's getting me pumped for Leeds Festival...even though they're not playing. 

Have It All - Foo Fighters

N'aww an oldie. When you're a huge Foo Fighters fan like myself you don't really just stick to their newest albums and so I've really been enjoying listening to One by One, one of their oldest! Have It All is such a tune. Sorry if I sound like a typical northern chav but that word has unfortunately stuck when describing song names. Dave Grohl's voice sounds lush, even though it always does to be honest. I absolutely love the instrument sounds in this one too. I love Foos. 

Budapest - George Ezra 

I'm a little late with the George Ezra hype. Sorry. I don't actually know what this song is about but it sounds good and I repetitively played it yesterday so I'm pretty sure I liked it. 

Waves - Mr Probz

I was naughty enough to judge this before I even listened to it. I thought it would be something I'd hate but I actually really love it. It's such a chilled song and I can understand the hype over it. And I like waves. 

Fancy - Iggy Azalea

Okay, so I have a slight girl crush on Iggy and pretty much adore everything about her. This song has been my guilty pleasure for a while now, mostly for the video because I love Clueless! 

Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran

Gotta get a bit of 80s classics in there. Ellis' dad is a huge fan of Duran Duran and on every drive to Wales we will play this! I have realised I'm a sucker for 80s music and it's one of my favourite decades of music. 

Dark Horse - Katy Perry

I went off Katy for a while, not sure why, probably because I was being stubborn and thinking the only stuff I'll like is stuff with heavy guitars and loud drums. I used to literally adore her and now I do again. This song is not like many of her others and I love it. It's a pretty sexy song right? 

Simple Pleasures - Jake Bugg

Okay, so this songs a lot deeper than most of the others. I proper got into this one on a Jake Bugg hype on the bus home from Ellis' and I was in a sad mood and I started crying to it. Soppy again I know! I do cry a lot though so it's just part of my daily routine for me. Go listen to this. I can't wait to see him live again at Leeds Festival. 

Second & Sebring - Of Mice and Men

Correct me if I'm wrong but I was told this song was written about one of the singers mum's death? Deep again. I guess I just love deep songs and really emphasize for real stuff like this one. It's a pretty hardcore one so it'll probably have mixed responses but I personally have begun to love Of Mice and Men and I really hope I can catch them at Leeds. 

Have you got any song suggestions? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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