My Monday Missions #1

Another new weekly feature you ask? Why yes it is, I'm loving making new features for my blog and having more of a structure. Every Monday I will write a post on my goals for the week - so what I plan on getting done! I'll then review them in my Sunday Synopsis series! 

At the moment my week has started out a little bit rubbish. I was up in the middle of the night feeling sick and I'm still not 100% my best so I guess these goals will be for when I'm feeling better.

- Workout more. I plan on trying to do some exercise 2/3 days a week because whenever I do I feel so much better. I'm going to try a bit of yoga too because I really like the mindfulness behind it.

- Drink more water. This is a must because I've realised my body does not get near enough as much water as it should. I'm going to start carry around a bottle with me wherever I go so that I'm keeping my water levels topped up out and about.

- Spend proper time with Ellis. I've realised at the moment when me and Ellis are together technology gets the better of us. We will constantly be on our phones - he will be Snapchatting his friends and I'll be constantly be checking Twitter and my blog. My blog is important and Ellis knows that but I think it's completely unnecessary for me to have to look at it whilst I'm with him so later on when I go to his I plan on putting our phones out of the way and just spending proper time together. 

- Get more organised. My blogging notepad is a mess and because it's so messy it makes me enjoy planning less and less. I want to get myself a proper weekly organiser this week and Ellis said he'd buy me a snazzy new notepad at the weekend so I'm hoping I'll enjoy planning blog posts a lot more. 

- Keep using Mindful. I have this app called Mindful which helps with your stress levels basically. I used it a few days last week but then gave up a little over the weekend so I want to keep doing that because it was definitely helping. 

What do you want to achieve out of this week? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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