My Fondest Memories

I was thinking earlier, whilst looking at old photos, how we forget some of the smallest memories and the only time we think about them again is when we suddenly discover a photograph of the time or are speaking about it. I love thinking about memories I have quite a lot that I absolutely love. I'll try to provide pictures a long the way but some I probably can't find any for.

Holidays to Italy when I was younger
As my mum's side of the family is Italian, when I was little we used to go to Italy every single year and I loved it. We would stay in my great aunties farm house which was huuuuge. We would go on long walks from the farms into the main town centre and it was beautiful. Me, mum and dad would take days out whilst my older sisters would do their own thing. We used to go to a cafe near my aunties house that sold Iced Tea in a can and that really impressed me and I would drink it every time we would go. We would go for huge family feasts and when I say huge I mean like 50 family members in a barn with a pizza oven and lots and lots of food. It was incredible. We would stay for like 3/4 weeks too. Unfortunately when my mum and dad split up we stopped going and that's pretty sad because I'd love to re-visit and see all of my family again. 

Visiting Portugal
Shortly after my mum moved out she took me and my sister, Kimmy, to Portugal for 10 days. It was one of the best holidays I've ever been on. We stayed in a beautiful apartment with a pool outside. We did so much stuff like visiting old towns, ice cream parlours, visiting local restaurants, sunbathing on the beach that are things I'd appreciate a lot more now but probably didn't realise were so good at the time because I was only about 7. I remember how happy I was those 10 days though, I'm so glad my mum took us to take us away from all of the drama at home. 

Visiting Dublin
When I was about 10 my mum took me to Dublin for a few days. It rained the entire time we were there but it was a beautiful memory. We lost the pictures we took their a few years ago so all of this is purely my mind. We spent our days just roaming the beautiful city. We loved the doors in Dublin and thought there was a lot of really beautiful doors. I loved this trip it made me so close to my mum and I'd never really had that mother and daughter time with her before. That was the trip I made my first cup of tea for my mum. 

Family friend meet-ups
My mum has two best friends from her childhood that she's still best friends with now, Janice and Carol, and they both have daughters. Every few months my mum would invite them to come to our house and we'd all spend loads of time together and I remember we would go to TK Maxx together. Holly and Amy were my sort of age and we used to play this game where we would hide in the clothes racks in TK Maxx and use rolled up leaflets from there as telescopes. Such fun.

Visiting Brighton
My dad came up with a brill idea when I was little to just pick a place on the map and we'd go and visit it and I just said "that one" and picked Brighton and I loved the place. The first time we went we stayed in an apartment and it was amazing. We would go on the pier and play the 2p machines and Kentucky Derby and eat candyfloss. We'd go for a meal every single night which usually was an Italian. We'd spend ages roaming the city and going in shops and my dad would always treat me. We'd visit the gorgeous marina and the Royal Pavillion and I just loved the place and I intend to visit it a lot when I'm a little older. And richer. 

brighton palace pier

Meeting my dog
When my sister finally convinced my mum and dad that it would be okay to have a dog they kept it a big secret from me. Then one day my sister picked me up in a taxi from my nan's house and when I came into the house, in the living room was a dog basket full of cuddly toys and among them was a miniature black Labrador (cross with an Alsatian). That dog was my best friend for a very long time and it broke my heart when he passed away but we made so many memories together. 

black Labrador puppy

My Nephew and Nieces being born
When my sister announced she was pregnant with my nephew it couldn't have come at a better time, it was about 5 months after my dog died. My nephew has actually been such a rock to me for the past 3 years, he is a gorgeous little boy who always puts a smile on my face. I act more like his older sister than his aunty as I wind him up soooo much but that's what I love about him the way he strops at me when I do it. My nephew lived at my mums with my sister for a year and a half and that was so much fun because I would just rock him to sleep whilst watching Casualty and I would never be bored. My nieces being born have also been extremely special because they've both brought so much light on my life and I'm happy that there's people that have a smile on their face when I see them. 

The day I met Ellis (sober version)
So after initially meeting Ellis when I was really drunk and the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend we met up a few days later at night (it was Winter) and we met up in the rain and cold and I was wearing a huge parker and he had very gelled hair. We hugged for the first proper time and it was amazing. He held my hand and I felt like I was part of something and it felt so good. He made me laugh so much and when we sat in McDonald's and had our romantic milkshake he asked me a lot of questions and he listened to me. And then we had our first proper kiss that wasn't a drunk one and it was beautiful. 

The headland
A beautiful memory of mine was when me and Ellis were at Cable Bay and it was really windy but really sunny too but still pretty cold. I was snug in my parker and we went and hid in this cove of the headland by the water and protected ourselves from the wind and just hugged and spoke about life and it felt wonderful. 

cable bay

Foo Fighters @ Milton Keynes
So, being a huge fan of Foo Fighters the first ever time I saw them was at Milton Keynes. We got there at 2 and I held a wee in for 12 hours for them. The weather was scorching and they played until it was pitch black and for 3 hours and well, what else can I say? I love Dave Grohl. 

What are your fondest memories? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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