My Dad

I'm fortunate enough to have an amazing bond with my parents. I know some people grow out of their bond with their mum and dad as they grow older but I feel as if we're just as close. On Mother's day I wrote a post all about my mum. On Father's day I completely forgot to write one and I feel a little rotten about it. My dad is an amazing man and I spend a lot of time with him (we literally sit on the sofa on our laptops most days) so I thought he deserved a post about him. 

My Dad

  1. is a very talented artist. 
  2. has had his frog designs printed on a polo shirt for Princess Diana and she wore it.
  3. and it was published in the Daily Mail (he told me to write that).
  4. sells comics on ebay - iconiccomics. 
  5. has a huge love for marvel.
  6. makes cups of teas that are literally perfect.
  7. goes to the post office every single day.
  8. makes the best food I've ever ate (except for my Nan's pasta).
  9. worked in betting shops for nearly 30 years.
  10. stopped working in a betting shop and applied to go to uni.
  11. got a place at uni to study Comic Art (or something like that).
  12. will graduate uni when he is 50. 
  13. grew a huge beard and it took a lot of convincing for him to shave it off.
  14. took me to Brighton 3 times and needs to take me again. 
  15. took me to the cinema most Sundays when I was little. 
  16. does everything for me.
  17. is one of my best friends.
  18. gives great hugs.
  19. has realised that I'm getting older finally. 
  20. wears a baseball cap every single day. even in Winter.
  21. his mum died when he was 10 but he has made her very proud. 
These are just a few little facts about my dad.

Love you pops. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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