#HowWeMet No.5 Sam and Fraser

Hey everyone, my name is Sam and I blog over at Essjay's Bubble. I'm so glad to be a part of Jen's #Howwemet project so I would like to start by thanking her for letting me share our story...Queue the cheesiness!
I never really had a "type" when it came to men. The only thing that I was sure about was my dislike of facial hair...until I met him.

I used to work in the local cinema (best job ever!) and whilst on the late shift one night, seen this extremely tall handsome man walk in with his equally bearded friend. Now, as aforementioned I never found facial hair/hairy men in general attractive...at all! But somehow when he walked in I was completely drawn to him and thought "I wish he was mine!"
I carried on with my shift, secretly hoping I would see him again on his way out, I spotted him talking to one of the managers and they stood chatting away for a while so I grabbed one of my co-workers and asked if he knew who he was. He told me his name and that he in fact used to work at the cinema before I started. He left with his friend shortly afterwards and I put him to the back of my mind. 
Life went on and whilst in a failing relationship (unknown to me) I bumped into my fancy man again... it was Valentine’s day, and this is never something I have celebrated. So, for some reason I was out at my favourite club in Glasgow (at the time)-The Cathouse. I was there with a bunch of my lady friends and that's when I spotted him. I immediately grabbed my best friend and explained to her I knew him from somewhere and I HAD to speak to him. (I was quite good at forcing myself into uncomfortable situations at this time). She thought I was daft, anyway I seen him a bit later and waltzed up to him like a total goon and went "excuse me, this is going to sound really stupid but is your name Fraser... and did you used to work at the Vue?" he went bright red and told me that he was, and he was just telling his friend he knew me from somewhere. He was so shy! We both parted to see our friends and he kissed me on the cheek and said happy Valentine ’s day. Such a babe, I wanted to kiss him right there and then...
Again I put him to the back of my mind, and then newly single I remember talking to my pal on the old Myspace- ha! He had also recently split from his girlfriend so it was good to chat to someone on the same boat as me. Now, remember "top friends?" Guess who was in my pals top friends? None other than Fraser himself, so naturally I told my pa about how I'd met him and thought he was the loveliest etc etc. He convinced me to message him so I did, and he was also single (yaldi) we hit it off from there talking constantly, up til the early hours etc. I later invited him to my house party that was coming up which was a brave move and I wasn't sure if he would actually come, he text to ask if he could bring two pals so I said that was fine. 
He turned up with his friends and I was so shy that I kept avoiding him, and he never kissed me until 8.00am in the morning just before he left. Disaster, haha. We were the worst during the first month or so, both so shy and I later found out he was intimidated by me (whit?!) Anyway, 5 and a half years on and he's still here ;] His side of the story is my favourite, he nearly asked for my number that day in the cinema! Maybe I'll get him to share it sometime.

Well, I've rambled on enough! Thanks again to Jen for having me, you can find me by clicking on the following links:


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