#HowWeMet No.4 Jordan and Ollie

Jordan shares her story on how she met her boyfriend Ollie in today's #HowWeMet. 

Ollie and I met rather conventionally at work, but our route to happiness was anything but conventional. He was a chef and I was a waitress at a pub where we spent the first six months of knowing each other barely talking. In fact, when we first met he had a girlfriend who worked there as well. I thought I'd share this part of the story. 

I saw him standing in the kitchen one day and I was spying through the 'Out Door', polishing cutlery. His girlfriend was there and he took her in his arms and held her. They looked so happy with each other, but I remember murmuring under my breath "More than anything...I wish for that." They say be careful what you wish for, because it came true...just not in the way I expected.

Six months on, he asked for my number and I wasn't all that attracted to him. He smoked and I hated that. But my friend pushed me into it, saying that he was sweet and I should give him a chance. It wasn't until people started to tell me not to date him because he was a 'player' that I really began to get interested (want what you can't have and all that!).

After then heading off to live in Dubai for a month, I couldn't stop thinking about him. We had no way of contacting each other, so I was left wondering if he would even remember me when I got back. But as soon as I walked in the pub on my first day back....he didn't talk to me. I was heartbroken. I had wasted so much time thinking about him. 

I got into the car to leave when my phone buzzed. 

We have now been together two years and I have no doubt that he is my true love. We went through a lot in the first few months of being together, but getting hit by it all at the start only made our relationship stronger. It also goes to show how people can be wrong about others as he is most definitely not a player! After everything we went through, I now believe in fate and wishes more strongly...but I think that's just the Disney princess in me!

Jordan Brown, Blogger for Hello Miss Jordan.

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