#HowWeMet No.3 Bex and Dave

Bex shares her story on how she met her boyfriend Dave in today's #HowWeMet. 

"I met my boyfriend Dave on February 16th 2012 at a mutual friends house party. He had just dislocated his shoulder and me being me ended up looking after him all night while everyone else was very drunk. A few months later we met again at a concert, then a month or so later another meeting at a birthday party. At the third party we spent the whole night speaking and really hit it off, I asked for his number and invited him round to mine for a movie night. We spent the whole night sat on opposite sides of the bed very awkwardly, why is it so much easier to speak over text than it is in person?! 
So we kept meeting up and soon enough he was one of my closest friends, we spoke every day and I just looked forward to finishing work because I knew there would be a message waiting for me. 
A short time later we decided it seemed silly not to be 'official' and over two years later he is now my best friend and I fall more and more in love with him each day. We've made it through a year of him living 4 hours away at university, me working a lot and his family moving to the other side of the world, I feel like we are stronger than ever. 
That picture was taken on our recent trip to Dubai to visit his family."

Bex Renshaw, Blogger for Beauty By Bex

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