#HowWeMet No.2 Lucinda and Jamie

Lucinda shares her story on how she met her boyfriend Jamie in today's #HowWeMet. 

"I'd packed my bags and arrived home in Manchester ready to fly to Barcelona later that day. After a disastrous holiday to Paris the year before where my aunt lost her passport during the flight and was sent straight back home, we had decided to try again; My mum, my nan, my aunt and myself. 
   My aunt was late meeting us and then unveiled a huge bag of toiletries (why she needed all that for three days I'll never know)! After packing them she wanted to wait till her two girls got home from school. I knew we were pushing it for time so we packed the car and waited.
   We eventually set off for the airport and headed towards the motorway, only to discover there had been a huge crash and that entrance was closed. We headed to the next junction but my aunt wasn't concentrating (you may see a theme here) and so drove into the wrong entrance and ended up driving back towards home and the crash. After getting stuck in more traffic and eventually ending up in the right direction, we were most definitely racing the clock!  We had a very near miss with a car that sent my heart racing. 
   When we finally got to the airport, of course our gate was at the complete other end. I ran through but everything went wrong. I saw a glimmer of hope when I made the gate and saw people were still boarding but unfortunately we were told we couldn't board the plane. They radioed the captain who had the excuse that they had already started counting the passengers... So there we were, exhausted and gutted but worst of all we had to drive home from the airport. It was a very quiet journey to say the least.
   I ended up heading back to Leeds on the Saturday and bumped into Adam, a friend of a friend. He invited me to a party he was having. I figured I might as well do something instead of moping over the lack of sunshine and cocktails in my life! So I went over the night and ended up having a few drinks and playing guitar hero - not exactly the party I had in mind but I did have a lot of fun! I also kept catching the eye of Adam's house mate. He was pretty quiet but we got talking and had such a great night. I guess everything happens for a reason because we are now moving into our first house together and are happier than ever! So worth missing that flight for!" 

- Lucinda Hurst, Blogger for thefashionfictionary

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  1. What a great story! I shame that you missed your holiday, but it happened for a reason :)

  2. Awww that's a sweet story! Definitely makes up for missing your flight