How to miss your boyfriend, properly

this is a very sarcastic post 

So it's that devastating time, your boyfriend has gone travelling for half a year, holidaying without you on the other side of the globe or you've just left his house after a few days and you're not seeing him for like...3 days. Or is it just me who gets incredibly sad and misses my boyfriend when I'm seeing him in a day or two? Well here is the proper way to miss your boyfriend. 

1. After getting home or whatever after seeing him you MUST Facetime/Skype to make sure he remembers your face. You don't want him falling out of love with you overnight or forgetting who you are. Plus you need to share with him all the un-exciting things that happened on your bus home. 

2. You then need to put on your fluffiest Primark pyjamas reading "HUG ME" on the front so you can remind yourself constantly that your boyfriend is not around to hug you. The fluffyness of these pyjamas will act as a pretend boyfriend that will comfort you during this sad evening. 

3. Make a strong cup of tea. You're going to need all of the caffiene that you can get during this dreadful period. 

4. Grab your laptop and stick on some Netflix. I particularly would recommend watching something you and your boyfriend don't watch together so that he doesn't fall behind on a series. This is the perfect opportunity to watch a chick flick. The Notebook is a great choice. 

5. If you get to the point where you need to see your boyfriend's face again, try to refrain from Facetiming/Skyping him by logging into Facebook and looking through your entire collection of images together. Remembering all the times you've had in your days together will get you excited for the next time you see him. 

6. Have an early night. Try your best not to cry yourself to sleep because this is bad. The quicker you go to sleep the quicker you'll see your boyfriend - a bit like on Christmas Eve. 

What do you do when you miss your boyfriend? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo

p.s This was a little dedication to my fantastic boyfriend, Ellis. It's his birthday today. He is 17 finally. He looks older, he's pretty hunky and has a tattoo because he was naughty and got it done illegally. Tut. He's going to start driving soon and he starts his new job tomorrow. He's going to then spoil me (apparently) and buy himself a Mazda Rx8 R1 or something like that and we're going to road trip to Wales and attempt not to get speeding tickets. Happy Birthday babe, I hope you enjoy the balloons. <3 


  1. happy 17th birthday to your boyfriend, Ellis. I hope you guys have a great time celebrating. P.S Wales is the best place to road trip.

  2. Happy birthday Ellis. Been so long since I had a fella I can't remember how to miss them ;-) Was before days of Skype and Facebook too!

  3. aww what a lovely post. Happy birthday and can't wait to read about your road trip :)