Guide to a music festival

Hurrah! A month until Leeds Festival and I'm very very excited! Festivals are my forte; I'm a four-year Leeds Festival goer so I thought I'd share with you some top tips (there's a few). 

I can't stress enough how important a pair of welly-bobs are for a festival. It will probably rain let's be serious and no other footwear is capable of battling through the mud other than a nice, hefty pair of wellies. Plastic bags over your trainers won't cut it and also look ridiculous so don't bother. Plus wellies look great. 

Drink a lot of water
If you're going to be drinking a lot of alcohol you need to have some water with you to stop yourself going a little too crazy. Festivals can also be overwhelming and you may feel over-heated, faint and what not whilst you're in a crowd so buying a bottle of water will be worthwhile to guarantee you don't miss your favourite band. 

This wasn't water :( 

Make new friends
Talking to strangers is okay at a festival. Use your head when doing this though and don't make friends with creeps. Also bring your friends when you're making friends so you have security behind you. It's great fun meeting new people at festival and most are very friendly. 

Don't fight for the barrier
I wrote in my Concert Culture post that fighting for the barrier just isn't worth it. Okay it is if Dave Grohl will be there and you have the chance to touch him but otherwise just don't bother. You'll be crushed and may potentially not enjoy it as much as you would if you were free and dancing.

Cheap phone
If you're like me and go to a festival for the music and not to just take a bunch of selfies to immediately upload straight to Instagram then a cheap Nokia from Tesco is the way to go. It'll only set you back about £10 and the battery life will last you the entire time you're there so it's definitely worth it. 

Small camera
Don't go to a festival expecting you can take in a huge dslr camera because you can't. Would you really want to risk it getting robbed or damaged too? I take my tiny nikon coolpix with me and it's fantastic and the battery life lasts the entire time I'm there. The image quality isn't bad either and I have some fantastic picture taken on it. 

Bumbags/fanny packs
Whatever you want to call it these things are great. I bought a nice red one from the actual festival last year and it was brill it held my camera, phone, money, my Leeds programme and of course the essential lipsticks. Make sure you only wear them at a festival it's not okay to wear them to go to Tesco. 

Head wear
To ensure your hair looks great after not washing it for 3 days wear something on your head that covers those greasy roots. I recommend a bandanna or a hat or a helmet with horns. It's a festival after all so anything is acceptable. 

Me and Mum have the headwear going on. 

Don't take drugs
No matter how much your mates pressure you just don't do it. There is no point you can have just as much fun completely sober if you have the right mentality. If you need to take drugs to have a good time then maybe you should see a doctor.

Don't get too drunk
I won't tell you not to drink because let's be completely honest you probably will if you enjoy to but don't get absolutely leg-less that you wee yourself, throw up, fall over, end up in the Welfare tent, miss all the bands or just completely forget how good they were. That's not cool and that'll ruin your experience. 

Don't drink a litre of vodka in ten minutes on the first day of music like Poppy did. 
Meeting point
Chances are you will probably lose your mates in the crowd so before you go into it arrange to meet them somewhere after the set. I usually choose the drink shop to the left of the main stage but other places like the ice cream van, the big wheel or the toilets are good choices too. 

What are your top festival tips? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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