Growing up with the Internet

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The internet and the World Wide Web is a powerful thing. Since I was about 11 I have been internet hooked and although I've had my ups and downs with it I'm still hooked nearly 7 years on. Some of you reading this may be young or may be old but these experiences may help you find the better side of the internet rather than the negative. 

When I was in high school the Internet was pretty bad for my mental health. I was cyber bullied constantly but back then I didn't know it was really as bad as it is now. I was constantly picked on for writing too many Facebook statuses. I used to let out my feelings over Twitter and that really p***ed people off! I had a Formspring account that got abused with anonymous messages telling me to kill myself or announcing rumours of things that weren't true. I made a Youtube parody video with my best friend and it got ripped to shreds with negative comments by people at school. Let's just say as a young teen Social Media was not really a friend of mine but I still carried on using it and I'm still using it now! Here are some of the things I changed in my Internet lifestyle to use it better and make me happier. 

Blocking, deleting, unfriending
I blocked and unfriended every single person that didn't like me on my Facebook and Twitter. I changed my privacy settings on all Social Media sites that were personal to extremely private and only allowed people that were nice or knew me well to have access to them. I stopped using Formspring as having a website that allows people to ask anonymous questions can be pretty ideal for a place for Teens to get bullied on. The only sites that aren't private are my instagram and my blog's Twitter because I promote my blog on them and the people that look at them right now aren't out there to pick on me. 

Youtube, Blogs
I was quite lonely when I was around 15 and started to be interested in make up and therefore started to watch Youtube videos that taught me how to do mine better. That led onto watching vlogs and vlogs do make me happy. Watching people do incredibly interesting things such as travelling the world or eating nice foods inspires me to do that too. I then found blogs and loved reading in depth personal stories from people all around the world. I never knew that the Internet was such an interesting place. 

Being able to know anything
I've recently realised my thoughts are becoming more intense and I want to find out as much knowledge as I can. I like the idea of being a logical, knowledgeable person and although I wasn't very smart in high school compared to other people, I think that finding facts about things that interest me will make me be more of a knowledgeable person. 

Blogging has seriously changed my life. I've only been blogging full time for half a year but it has made me so much happier. I can let out stories on what interest me and although people may not read it or care or anything it just makes me happy that I can put it down somewhere. I've made lovely friends blogging and been given a few opportunities I wouldn't have got without it. I feel like I'm interesting now and things that I do seem a lot more exciting when I've written them down. 

Don't be afraid of the internet. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. Really interesting post, It's important to know how to use the internet in the right way and not get sucked in by the negative side xxx

  2. I'm so sorry about you being cyberbullied, people can be so unnecessarily cruel. I'm glad this hasn't stopped you from starting your blog because you're doing really well! I'm the same as you, my personal facebook etc is completely private, and the blogging community is mostly very friendly so I don't see the internet in a bad light anymore!

    Really enjoying your posts :)

    Hazel Jane x