Generation Judgemental

When did it become a thing to become so judgmental? To make someone feel so uncomfortable about something so minor? To be extremely opinionated on somebodies life who you may not even know very well? I know, I know, people have always been judgmental, but speaking to my grandma, my mum and my older sisters about society these days they don't really understand why people judge so much and I have an inkling they didn't have it as bad as we do now. 

The cool thing to do when you're a teen these days is to slate the crap out of somebody all over social media. How can it possibly be cool to make someone feel rubbish about something? How does that boost your ego? Apparently if you want to be famous all you have to do is be nasty and you've got yourself a Facebook fan base. Not enough teens are educated on the feelings behind a person being victimized and not enough of these teens care about them until they go and commit suicide. Fortunately, I've never personally known anyone that has been that nasty but it definitely happens. 

I see Facebook statuses like this: "just seen a girl tell a guy shes been with for a week that she loves him lol". 
So what? If she wants to tell him she loves him after a week then let her do that. I told my boyfriend I loved him after a week and I'm still telling him that nearly two years later. 

You can't go to a public place anymore without being hawk-eyed by a group of girls. They will look you up and down and then whisper about you. They will stare and stare and stare and be a complete bitch for no reason. That's just what girls do when they're around a group of their friends. 

I feel like an increase in things like social anxiety and depression has happened because of the way people are these days. I personally have social anxiety because of being bullied and I'm scared of most teenagers in my area. I don't understand these people. How are they so liked by their group of friends when they're so nasty? How can their parents sit back and not realize that their kids aren't very nice people? Why is it so hard for some teenagers to just be relatively nice? I know it's unnatural to like everyone. I have a long list of people I don't like but I don't make them feel like s**t. I just cut them out of my life and never spoke to them or of them again because it doesn't solve anything. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. I'm a new reader and I really love all your photos and your posts :) I would really appreciate it if you took a look at my blog and followed me too <3
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  2. It's horrible just how judgmental people can be, over the years I've learnt to just not give any effort towards those who are completely nasty and judgmental towards everyone, it's just not worth it! I've suffered from social anxiety myself so if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here! And that little bit about your boyfriend was so cute! :)

    Just leave them to it as best as you can, it won't work out for them in the long run! And you'll always be the bigger person.

    Hope you're alright, again I'm always around if you need a chat about things! My teenage years were full of judgmental people!

    Hazel Jane x

    1. I've started to realise there is no point letting it bother me as I've started to grow up. Thanks Hazel, I've only just realised that it is social anxiety I never really knew what it was until I read blog posts and watched vlogs and realised that I wasn't the only person so it's good to know I can relate to other people and I'm not just on my own now :)