Concert Culture

I was inspired to write this post by Zoe from as she wrote a post about music snobs. Read that post to find out more about that but my post is going to focus more on the actual concert culture. 

For some reason, if you don't get standing tickets, get right to the front of a crowd to see a band or mosh etc then you're not cool enough to be at a concert but I don't see how nor why that should be the case? 

Don't get me wrong, moshing is pretty fun and if I could have got to the front of a Foo Fighters gig to touch Dave Grohl then I would've done but I don't think that mocking people that get seated tickets or are no where near the front should be acceptable. 

A band or a musical artist produces music and in my opinion going to see them at a concert should be focused more on the music they are making and not how close you are to them or if you mosh or crowd surf. 

I am 5 ft 2 and I've been to Leeds Festival and standing gigs and been told to stand in the middle of a crowd to "see" a band but then I wouldn't even see them because my short self can't see a thing behind all of the people over 5 ft 2! So I've not been able to enjoy it as much as I'd anticipated because I've been able to see nothing! 

I saw Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes and there was a LOT of people there and I stood way back and Dave Grohl was a minuscule little thing in the distance but it was hands down the best gig I have ever been to before. Why? Because of the music they played! Music is what gives me goose bumps, makes me happy, gets me crying, interacts me with others around me at gigs. If I dance til my feet hurt and sing til I have no voice and still be really happy after it then why should I be criticized for not being close to the front? 

In all honesty, being squashed and surrounded by sweat is not appealing to me anymore.

Ignore the people that make fun of you for getting a seated ticket or standing way back. If you are there for the music then that shouldn't matter you'll still have a great time. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. Not to make you jealous or anything (okay, maybe a little haha), but Dave Grohl was practically at my wedding. He was staying at the hotel that we got married at and my husband and all my friends met him and chatted to him for ages. I am Dave Grohl OBSESSED (I even walked down the aisle to Everlong), so my husband asked him to phone me. I answered the phone as I was getting in to my wedding dress and it was Dave Grohl. We chatted for a bit and he is the nicest guy. He said he would have loved to have stayed for the wedding, but he was just leaving to go play a festival. So amazing though.
    I do love telling that story to other Foo's fans :)

    1. Oh my gosh that is an amazing story and I am extremely jealous! I am planning (one day) to get married to Everlong too! You're so lucky I would cry if that happened! I will have to let my mum know later, she will too be extremely jealous! x

  2. I'm afraid I'm not into music at all! If I were into concerts then I can't see me enjoying being squashed amongst sweat either! I guess it must be difficult for tiny people so sitting down is the wisest thing!