Bad Day


I thought the days I would moan about life was over but oh no, miss negative is back and she's here to moan. 
I have had a crap day and for once, it's not due to being hormonal. I don't know what's wrong but my positivity streak has just gone down hill recently and I can't get back on to it. 

Someone I'm close to has been incredibly down recently and I find it so hard to not be able to help them. I'm one of those people that other peoples mood seriously affect me and I just want to help but when nothing I do works it gets a little aggravating and I'm not good with aggravation. 

I also got my hair done and it's now incredibly shorts and GREEN. I definitely bought blue dye but it's gone GREEN. I did used to have green hair and I loved it but I had long hair then and I could do so much with it and now I just have a green bob and I still have no resemblance to Kylie Jenner. 

People I'm close to also have been giving me a few sly insults about my hair and I'm just so un-confident about it. I rely on compliments from close ones to build up my confidence and when I have a drastic change in appearance I feel so down when people don't respond to it in the way I wanted them to. 

Sigh, hopefully the positivity will return soon, but for now say hi to grumpy guts.

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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