Anglesey Adventures Volume 2, Part 2

Following from Part 1, on the Wednesday it wasn't sunny at all - it was windy and quite dull. However the weather doesn't stop us! We went on a road trip all cosied up in the Honda Civic, which was unusual for us as we're usually in the Mazda RX8 but as Ellis' grandma was with us we had to use the 5 seater car but I enjoyed it! We drove to Beaumaris, which we visited the last time we came. We sat down by the castle and had sausage rolls and I had a strawberry smoothie and we listened to a man play the harp and watched seagulls try to steal food and it was all very lovely. We then took a walk up the "high street" of the small village with all it's dainty, unique shops. Then we went to where all the boats were. I would usually call it a harbour but I don't think this one was. I'm probably wrong. This lead onto us walking along a pier where people fished for crabs. After getting back into the car we drove a short drive away near to Menai Bridge, which we also visited last time. Ellis, his dad and I went to the infamous tree swing where Ellis' dad was tricked into going on with the promise that Ellis wouldn't push him, but of course Ellis did and it was all filmed! We then walked to this cute little graveyard area - I'm not trying to say it's cute that people are dead it just looked really pretty and ancient. It had this gorgeous tree that was extremely old on it. We then journeyed through the steep streets near by and then went down another street full of gorgeous little shops. We went back to the caravan and had a lovely tea of baguette with pate, chicken, ham and a variety of cheeses. Ellis' grandma spoke to me about her spiritualist background and stories about spirits that Ellis had gone through when he was little. It was so interesting. After she had left we went to bed and fell asleep watching One Born Every Minute apparently. 

The weather on the Thursday wasn't too great either, it was pretty dreary and windy again! We set off onto a drive to a copper mine on Parys Mountain but when we got there we realised that Ellis' grandma's mobility scooter wouldn't have been able to drive on that texture so we then drove to a little bay area to have a picnic. We arrived to two gorgeous Labradors, Quinn and Jo Mo. I literally fell in love with these dogs as my late dog, Timmy, was a black Labrador and they looked just like him. They were being trained as gun dogs and the older dog, Quinn, was so clever! He really reminded me of my dog. The puppy, Jo Mo, was gorgeous and I couldn't stop cuddling him. I felt very sad when I had to leave them. We then ate our chicken sandwiches by the bay and then got back into the car. We drove to Moelfre to visit the Lifeboat center and I bought some little presents for my nieces and nephew. After that we decided on a drive to Newbourough Forest. This started out brilliant as it was a lovely walk. We then lost the dogs ball and spent ages looking for it and as we did Ellis' grandma drove herself on a stoney road and ended up breaking her mobility scooter. We ended up having to push her back to the car park in it. After a tiring day we went to a restaurant on the way back called the Black Lion. It was pricey but that was justified by the size of the servings. I had a posh, large version of fish, chips and peas and it was delicious but I don't like peas. 

On Friday it was chucking it down with rain. Me, Ellis and his dad stayed in and watched The Croods and I wrote a blog post and played a lot of the Kim Kardashian game, whilst Ellis' mum and grandma went to see some museums. It was a nice chilled day though. We did however go out of the house because a carvery was calling our names. I of course like always steered clear of veg and piled up on the roasties. Typical. We then drove Ellis' grandma to her friends where she stayed the night and then drove to Newbourough forest again and Ellis' mum and dad took the dog on a short walk. Staying in a car in the middle of a forest in darkness is pretty scary. We went back to the caravan and finished the night with Big Brother as always. 

Saturday we woke up pretty early and packed up. Typically it was very sunny. We packed a picnic and after we set off home we stopped off at Penrhos and ate the picnic whilst watching the ferries. Ellis' grandma told us some lovely stories. We then drove home through the mountains and I was pretty sad it was all over for another month or so. 

Check back in a couple of months, I would've probably been to Anglesey again and there will be more Anglesey Adventures. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. It looks like you had a great time, despite the weather. That roast looks so good! I have mine in the oven at the moment:)

  2. I love Anglessey, it feels like so long since I have been there. My parents have a boat in Wales so I'm lucky to have spend quite a lot of my childhood in the lovely Welsh countryside and in the irish sea :)