Anglesey Adventures Volume 2, Part 1

This trip to Anglesey started out differently to all others as Ellis' mum couldn't come until the Tuesday so instead Ellis, his dad, the dog and I set off to Anglesey at about half past 5 on the Sunday evening. We stopped for a Subway on the way and routed through the Welsh mountains and we didn't get to the caravan until about 9ish. It was a lovely evening as the sun was out so it was a nice car journey. When we got to the caravan we were pretty hungry so Ellis and I watched Big Brother with his dad whilst eating crackers with Italian meats and cheese. We then hit the hay. 

The next day the weather was scorching and may pale little legs were displayed for the first time. We sat outside and had a bacon and egg sandwich in the sun. I read my book and had a cup of tea and just listened to nature because it's so relaxing out there! Although wearing a lot of factor 30 my legs burnt in a peculiar way (a red stripe down one leg to begin) and they started to hurt but I still enjoyed myself. We drove to Penrhos Coastal Park, which is a gorgeous area near to Holyhead with a gorgeous beach and a lovely forest to walk through. We spent ages on the beach paddling and playing with the dog and Ellis loved letting his inner child loose by climbing trees. The walk through the forest was lovely too as it wasn't too cool nor too warm. The sun was shining through the trees and it gave off a lovely atmosphere. We then sat down and Ellis and his dad had a burger from Pete's burger van but I opted for some Calipo Shots - nostalgic! We then headed back to the caravan and sunbathed a little longer and then we had some lovely pizza's whilst the sun was starting to set. 

On the Tuesday, we had a relaxing morning and sat outside again. Mid-afternoon Ellis' mum and grandma arrived and we had a lovely cup of tea outside and chatted. We then wanted to go to the beach so we went on a drive to Cable Bay. I originally didn't plan to go in the water but then I just dared myself and did it - a big achievement for me! We paddled and splashed for a while and then drove back to the caravan. That night we had a barbeque and drank beer in the Sun and chatted all night and then we finished our night as always with a bit of Big Brother! 

Keep your eye out for Part 2! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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