A thank you letter of unlikely things

soz about bad quality pic, my sis has robbed my camera -.-

Dear people reading, this is a thank you letter to unlikely people or for unlikely things. It's a little strange but if you think about it you have a lot of people to thank for how you've got into your current situation. 

Dear high school teachers, thank you for making me feel like a failure for 5 years. Your negative attitude towards me made me determined to prove you all wrong and that's why I pushed myself to pass every single exam. 

Dear college teachers, thank you for not really noticing me or giving two sh*ts about who I was and what I was good at. Your lack of support made me less confident and more anxious and that led me into wanting to write a blog so I could let out a lot of stuff on here so thanks. 

Dear bullies, thank you for making me feel pretty crap for 5 years. Okay I'm not very thankful for that. That was mean. But thanks for making me realise that being mean gets you nowhere - I am the 17 year old with career prospects you are not. 

Dear rubbish friends, thank you for making me realise that you're all kind of fake. I now know not to trust people too easily. 

Dear dickh*ad boys ('scuse the french), thank you for treating me like sh*t, making me feel worthless and making me believe all boys were like that. You've made me appreciate the fact that my boyfriend is one in a million and would never in a million years treat me the way you did. 

Dear dad, thank you for not being 100% supportive towards my decision to drop out of college - that made me want to drop out more just to prove that I'm going to be following my dreams. 

Dear mum, thank you for not wanting me to get tattoos or my nose pierced. I am going to get tattoos and my nose pierced sooner now that I know you don't want me to!

Dear sisters, thank you for constantly making sly remarks about the fact I spend most of my time on my laptop creating something I love rather than going out getting drunk every weekend. I will go out and get drunk when I am rich enough from my chosen career path. Money doesn't grow on trees so the younger I start chasing those dreams the more money I will have. 

Dear Ellis, thank you for the enthusiasm you have towards the music you make. This is a huge encouragement for me to be successful so we can both have successful lives full of luxury, fast cars and lots of dogs. 

Dear people reading, thank you for reading. I find it a little exciting that people actually want to read what I say. I've spent quite a large amount of my life not being listened to so the thought that a few people all over the world actually enjoy it kind of warms my heart. If you leave comments this really gets me excited. I do smile when someone does and I'm not just saying that because I am a blogger like genuinely I'm like "yay a friend". 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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