Topshop, H&M and New Look Haul

So the day has come where I was able to roam my local high street fashion shops and give my wardrobe a summer face lift. As always, these little beauties succeeded at providing me with my fashion needs. I also did a HUGE primark shop, however there is that much that it would be very hard to write about so I shall just include some of my favourite purchases in a favourites post in the future. 


Usually I find nothing I like in the Topshop sale as I always go after everyone has rushed in and nabbed the best items, however today there were a few things I liked but I rushed to pick up this basic pink baggy t-shirt (they only have it in yellow online). It was only £8 and I love how comfortable these t-shirts are and they go with so many outfits so I knew it would have a lot of use. I then went to the shoe section. I originally went in to buy some white jelly shoes, however as always they didn't have the ones I wanted or any in my size - cons of being a size 4. After moping for a while because none of the sandals I wanted were in my size, my sister picked up these Birkenstock style sandals in a size 3. They fitted me thankfully! They are extremely comfortable and such a staple to make any outfit that little bit summery! I'm looking forward to wearing them whilst I'm away. Whilst in the queue I sneakily nabbed a new nail polish as I needed a more summery one. This shade looked super pretty and very "in" for this season so I'm looking forward to trying this out. 


H&M has rapidly become my favourite clothing shop! The clothes are not only gorgeous but they are affordable too. I have had my eye on those shorts for weeks and after realising today that they were only £7.99 I picked them up without hesitation. They are so comfy and they fit great. They are short enough to look pretty feminine but they don't show any bum cheek and they cover my most detested area - the thighs. They're not available online but you may possibly still find them in store. My mum then picked up this light mint pull over. Sammi from The Beauty Crush mentioned one of the white versions in one of her hauls and I've really wanted one since! I love mint green at the moment so I'm currently nabbing mint green things from everywhere. I think this would be perfect to throw over a summery outfit when it gets a little cooler in the evenings. Again, I literally cannot find this on their website but I've seen them a lot in store so I'm sure they are still available! The Celfie t-shirt was just an impulse buy. I've wanted some form of Celfie t-shirt for a while now and this one was pretty lovely as it's a gorgeous colour and very nice for summer. I've again failed at finding this online too but you'll probably be able to find it online! 

New Look

I've been loving New Look recently and their summer pieces are gorgeous. I really wanted a pair of shorts from here as my short collection is pretty shameful. I love the floral print on these, as well as the corally shade - very summery! I also love the contrast between the colour and the desaturated flowers. I'm looking forward to wearing them in good weather! 

How's your summer wardrobe coming along? 

Lots of Love 
Jen xo 

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