Things I'd like to do before I'm 20

Let's be honest, I'm 17, I'm pretty young and I have a lifetime ahead of me - why do I feel so old then? In less than 4 months I'm going to be 18. An adult. It feels like yesterday I was a care-free 13 year old, no worrying or stressing but when I turned 16 it's like my life got fast forwarded and now I'm almost an a d u l t. I have never had a job, due to nobody wanting me because of lack of experience. I have been umming and arring about what I want to do with my life for ages but now I'm in a happy relationship I've kind of got an idea of what I want to do with my life and there are quite a lot of things I'm determined to do before I reach, let's say, 20. 

  1. Get an apprenticeship. Seeing as I've dropped out of college because it isn't what I want to do, an apprenticeship in Social Media is definitely the route I'm looking for and I have my eye on one that I'd potentially like to get in September. Watch this space. 
  2. Save money. Once I get an apprenticeship I'd like to save money, maybe £150 a month or so. This will go towards travelling around the world, getting driving lessons/car etc and also thinking about getting a place of my own. With Ellis. 
  3. Buy an Ipad/Kindle. I'm undecided on which I'd like as of now. I want a kindle due to wanting to get back into reading, but I also want an Ipad because I'm pretty sure you can read on them and they come in handy for pretty much everything else! 
  4. Buy an Apple Macbook. After using them for a year at college with my Photography class I've decided they are for me. I think they're much more organised than PC's and I want to use IMovie to start making videos/editing them! 
  5. Buy more expensive skincare products. Kind of an odd one to achieve before I'm 20 but I'm so adamant to want to get nice skin because my skins been dreadful for years. Cheap skincare does not work it's wonders on me so I guess I'll be saving for Emma Hardie! 
  1. Go to America. This is going to happen. Ellis has family in San Francisco so all we need to save for are the tickets. However, they are pretty expensive so hard-saving is going to have to happen if I want to achieve this. I also really want to go to New York. My dad really wants to take me and Ellis but obviously we'd have to pay our way! 
  2. Go to Italy. I have family in Italy so I don't know why this hasn't happened already but I guess it's all down to flights and time off etc. I do want to go to Venice, Rome, Pompeii and Milan as well as see my family in Naples. 
  3. Go on a family holiday. I'm happy because next February this is actually happening! Myself, Ellis, My sisters, their fiances, my mum and her boyfriend, my nephew and my nieces are all going to Lanzarote for a week! I'm so excited because I know it's going to be so much fun having everybody there! 
  4. Go to Paris. Ah, I am so lusting over wanting a romantic trip to Paris! I really want to put a lock on that bridge, climb the Eiffel tower and eat crepes! I've been to Paris before but I was 11 and I wasn't capable of being in awe of the city of love and now I am in LURVE I think it's a perfectly acceptable time to visit! 
  5. Visit more of my own country! England/The UK is so beautiful and there is so much on my doorstep and if I book in advance, not too expensive! I am visiting London and Brighton again later this year with Ellis but I'd like to see way more! I'd love to visit Leeds city centre because I've only ever been for the music festival and let's be honest you can't see much there. Chester looks lush and historic, as does Bath! I'd love to go to the Lake District again, and maybe the Peak District! I really want to visit Scotland, such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. I love Wales already but I want to see even more of it, particularly the South! Oh and Cornwall looks great and I love their accents down there! 
  6. City breaks. I really, really want to go on city breaks! I am not the type of girl to go to Magaluf, Ayia Napa etc like everybody else. I love culture, history, buildings etc. I'd love to visit Barcelona because my mum and my sister have been and say it's gorgeous. Also Madrid! Dublin again because it was so gorgeous the first time I went. Said cities in USA as well as LA, Las Vegas, Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia, Texas, Seattle, Washington and so many other places! Canada and Australia look gorgeous too! 

  1. I want to tone up. I'm already trying to exercise more and more but I really want my thighs and abs to be toned as I'm pretty sick of having all of the excess flab I carry. 
  2. Eat clean(er). I don't eat majorly bad now. I'm not keen on takeaways anymore, in fact I dread them. I don't really eat chocolate, not very often anyway. Or sweets. I just want to eat more fruit and vegetables. I already love quite a lot of fruit so that's easy but I'm such a bad vegetable eater. I have tried to make myself like broccoli, asparagus, carrots and suede so we're already off to a great start. 
  3. Find a flavour of healthy tea that I like! I don't like any of the green teas, they make me nauseous so I guess I'll have to stick to fruity ones! I really want to start drinking Earl Gray again too!
  4. Buy a juicer and get juicing. I really, really want one but I can't afford one yet. This would be such a great way to get more veg and fruit into my system! 
  5. Get a check up from the doctor. I don't know why but I really want to be told I'm okay because there's always something wrong with me so I just want to make sure everything's okay. My doctor is unfortunately not a great doctor. She always tries to dismiss me before I've even got to the point of why I've visited her. 
  6. Visit the dentist more often. My teeth are ridiculous but with Oral B's help they have been getting better, however I do think I should be seeing the dentist more often. 
  7. Meditate. I am someone who stresses too much. I am an extremely emotional person. I tried meditation once for this and it completely relaxed me! I definitely will be trying to do this more often. 
  8. Listen to more music. I do listen to a fair bit of music already but there are so many great musicians out there that I should listen to way more!
  9. See more bands live. Money is an issue here because I never ever have enough money to buy tickets when I need to but I once I'm earning I shall definitely be doing this more! 
  10. Visit the cinema every other week. Or maybe even every week. I have realised I love the cinema and with Orange Wednesday's, Super Tuesday's and what not then I don't have much excuse to not go and see a film! It will also be a great way to spend more time with Ellis! 
Life Lessons
  1. I really need to learn to cook. More than just skinny pancakes, bagels and soup because I'm not going to lie, that's all I can cook right now! I want to be able to cook pasta, meats, fish etc! I want to be a culinary mastermind one day! 
  2. Find a way to enjoy cleaning. This probably won't happen but I do need to clean more. I never do anything because I have a fear of dirty surfaces and stuff I think...well that's my excuse anyway! 
  3. Learn to drive. I'm nearly 18 and a lot of the people I know already have cars and I so wish that was me! A car would benefit me so much, especially when I have a job!
  4. Learn how to look after babies. I have a nephew and two nieces and I still don't know how to change a nappy. I feel as though these are things I should learn young so that when I end up having my own family I'll be pretty good at it! I'm pretty good at looking after Harry and Grace who are 1+ but Ella is 7 months and I struggle so much because she's so small and fragile and cries and has trapped wind and it's very difficult! 
My relationship
  1. Visit new cute cafes together. This is something I personally have decided is going to happen because Manchester has so many adorable cafes that I'd love to visit and me and Ellis are the kind to enjoy coffee and food!
  2. Have a date night every week. Our date nights usually involve Netflix and Ice cream but there is so much else to do! I want to start going to the cinema, theatre, galleries, museums, restaurants and bars together, every week! 
  3. Learn something together. I think this will benefit us a lot really. We're thinking about starting a fitness class together but I kind of have anxiety about working out around other people so I don't know about that. I'd really love to learn a new skill with him though, such as cooking classes or ice skating! 
  4. Go away together. We do already do this but with his parents so we don't have to be independent. I'd love to go away, just us two, so that we have to decide things for ourselves. I think this is actually happening in August when we go to London but I do want to travel the world with him!
  1. Treat my nephews and nieces more. I love these kids and they have a special place in my heart. Now Harry is older I love to take him places and I want to do that more often and will also start doing it with the girls too as they get a little bit older.
  2. Go out for breakfast/coffee with my mum. We used to do this a lot on a Saturday morning but it doesn't happen as much anymore! I'd love to start doing this again because we used to have great chats together!
  3. Spend more time with my sisters. My sisters are like my best friends but I don't see them as often as I'd like. I'd love to make space for them, just us three and maybe my mum to go shopping or out for food or something! 
  4. Appreciate my dad more and what he does. My dad does so much for me and I don't show him enough. I plan on helping him out a lot more and spending more time with him actually doing stuff like going out for lunch etc. 
  5. Visit my nan and granddad more often. They are getting on a little now and I rarely see them! When I was little they used to look after me all week when my mum and dad worked but now I see them like once a month! I really want to start visiting them every two weeks or so and helping them buy their shopping. 
My Blog
  1. Buy a domain url. This will happen, eventually. I don't like the 'blogspot', ruining my little url up there and I think I'll be taken more seriously without it. 
  2. Get a professional designer to make a fancy design for my blog. This almost happened the other week but I can't really afford right now to fork out £30 for a blog design.
  3. Put more attention into my images. My images aren't particularly great. I'm going to start making better use out of my Canon to take pictures. What's the point in having a £400 camera if I'm not even going to use it properly? 
  4. Set aside some time for writing blog posts. I think I need approximately an hour and half a day to write a post for the next day or whatever, maybe longer depending on the day but I really need to start planning it more. 
  5. Make some blogging friends. So far, I haven't really made 'a friend' that I speak to regularly from blogging. I guess this is because I haven't been to a blogging event so I guess I should start going to them too! 
  1. Get a diary and plan things. I always forget what I want to do because I never write it down. 
  2. Write a five year plan to inspire to make things happen. 
  3. Try more foods.
  4. Go out more.
  5. Start being more creative with gifts etc.
  6. Start baking.
  7. Read more. On beaches.
  8. Let people know I care about them.
  9. Visit more music festivals, around the world too! 
  10. Dance.
  11. Go to blogger events.
  12. Go on a double date with Ellis.

I'm probably going to edit this when I think of more things I want to do but these are things I really want to do before I'm 20. Maybe this will inspire you to get thinking about what you want to do.

Lots of Love
Jen xo

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  1. Such a fantastic list and YES, you have your whole life ahead of you! No reason what so ever for you to feel old at 17 / 18! With regards to skincare, the best thing you can do is cleanse, tone and moisture and wear a moisturiser with SPF, even on cloudy days. Ensure you also apply it to your neck and start using an eye cream too! Liz Earle do a good one! - It sounds like you have lots of focus and I love that you are interested in an apprenticeship in Social Media - such a hot area right now! - If you are really interested in this area, blog more, tweet more and really practice the art of social media - Get to know those who are great at it and learn from them also! :)