Plans for Summer 2014

My Summer's are never usually planned because until last year I didn't have someone to make memories is but now that I have Ellis with me I have a reason to want to make some memories. All I've thought about for the past 6 months is Summer and this is what I'm going to be getting up to. 

Grandma Jennie's grave
17th June marks the 36th year of my grandma not being with us. I never got to meet this lady but I was named after her and from what my dad tells me; she was pretty amazing. Each year we go and visit her grave to put some flowers down for her. I also love Macclesfield, where she is buried and so we usually take a walk around the town and a visit to a cafe whilst we're there. 

Ellis the rock star
My boyfriend is an incredible drummer and he's been in a band with some friends from college since last September and now I finally get to see him play. I love going to see him play and it makes me feel so proud and I feel special that I'm his girl.

Welsh Land
You're probably pretty aware that I go to Wales a lot now because of Ellis' family and this is happening again in a few weeks! We're staying for a week this time and I'm hoping the weather is going to be scorching like it was last Summer! Watch this space for my Wales posts! 

Ellis' birthday
It's Ellis' birthday at the very end of July (he's a baby) and his family always put on a lovely family party with lots of food and wine! Something I am very excited for! 

Brighton and London
This has been my major plan of the year. I've already booked the hotel for London I just need to get the money for it all - good luck Jen! Me, Ellis and my dad are going to Brighton for three days at the beginning of August and then me and Ellis are spending a couple of nights in London together (Greenwich to be exact)! I'm so excited for this independence!

Leeds Festival
I think I have to pinch myself to believe I'm 17 and this will be my 5th year at Leeds Fest! I'm so lucky because for the past 4 years my mum has got me a guest ticket and so I've gone every year. Last year, due to her not being able to get a guest ticket for Ellis, I stayed in standard camping and I was mentally scarred from those toilets. This year we've had to get standard tickets again because my mum has a new job but we're staying in a nice hotel this time and I'm so bloody excited! I can shower and do my business on a nice toilet and I can dress nice and have nice hair and make up. Brilliant. 

What have you got planned for Summer? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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