LIFE: My boyfriend got his first tattoo!

So something crazy has happened! A few days ago my boyfriends arm was a blank it has an amazing work of art on half of it! 
My boyfriend, Ellis, has wanted a tattoo for absolutely ages being the rocker/drummer/future rock star he is and I've always known he would be getting one and look gorgeous with it - I just didn't realise it was going to be so soon! 
As an early birthday present, his mum and dad paid for him to get a huge tattoo on his upper arm. 
Last Thursday, we awoke at about 8 and got to the tattoo parlour for 11 ish. The tattooist was drawing out his new design onto that paper that they can then place on your body to trace over. Even the design looked good and that was without all the toning and shading. Ellis had been very daring, getting a huge tattoo as his very first one. I was worried he wouldn't be able to complete it because of the pain! 

SIX hours we were there for. SIX hours Ellis hacked the pain. All he'd eaten was a packet of crisps, a bite of toast, a few skittles and all he'd drank was two energy drinks. He was so brave and didn't cry once (I'm sure he was just trying to act all manly but you could tell it was killing him!) He nearly broke my hand squeezing it when the top of his arm and the inside of his arm were being shaded him, but I'll let him off for being so brave!

The finished result is gorgeous and Ellis looks even more amazing than he already did! I'm so happy with how it has made him feel, he hasn't stopped grinning and it's given him such a confidence boost! I'm very proud of him for sitting through the pain - my first tattoo will definitely not be that big! 

Are you going to get a tattoo? Let me know in the comments below! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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