LIFE: I'm not completing my A-Levels

For the people that are thinking "What a stupid idea" please hear me out! 
A-Levels - they are important. Your parents nagged you all the way through your GCSE years that you NEED to go to college and complete 2 years of A-Levels and then go to university and that's the best way to get a job. True for most of that but not the 'best way to get a job'.
During high school I always thought that I'd end up going to University to study photography and end up becoming a photographer for music festivals. For my a-levels I chose to study Photography, Media, ICT and English Language. A-levels made me despise doing photography. Don't get me wrong I love it but only when I am able to photograph what I want - I hate being told what to take pictures of and I hated all of the theory behind it. I did not like any part of the whole a-level education - I realised I am a practical learner and the only way I'm going to learn is if I'm putting my skills to work. 
Social Media, something that is continuously rising in popularity. I have been on social media since I was probably about 11, when I started high school. I remember actually getting teased a lot for writing too many Facebook statuses and spending too much time on Bebo. Over the years I have relied on Twitter and Facebook to make genuine friends. I used to be a huge fan of The Midnight Beast when I was 13-15 so making friends with other fans made me feel less lonely. I then got into watching a lot of Youtubers and the whole Youtube culture has made a lot of my time a lot more happier! Then of course I started to read blogs and make JennieWren3 and since then I've made a few blogging friends too! 
Social Media is not a subject I can learn at college unfortunately. I have been researching for a while apprenticeships and from September I will hopefully be doing one in Social Media so I'll be getting paid as well as learning in something I love!

I hope this kind of helps people that are thinking of leaving college - it isn't a stupid thing to do. 
Lots of Love
Jen xo


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