LIFE: Happy 1st Birthday Grace!

Today marks the exact day that my mum got a phone call saying "Kimmy's gone into labour", it was the day that beautiful first niece, Grace, was born! Today is her first birthday! Grace has absolutely blossomed from a cute little baby that was so fragile into a walking little mischievous girl that likes to keep us all on our feet! Here are a few images of Grace's first year! 

Grace and her mummy and daddy! 

Grace and her big brother Harry! 

Grace and Aunty Jen  (me)! 

Grace with her mummy, aunties and grannie! 

Grace, Aunty Sami and Harry! 

Grace and Grannie! 


Harry loves his little sister! 

And Grace loves her brother! 

And I'll make sure she has good music taste of course! 

Starting to smile...

There it is! 

Grace looks like she's having fun...

Brother and Sister love! 


Grace's first Christmas! 

Grace learnt to stand up! 

Grace with her mummy and brother! 

They look so a-like! 

One of the occasions when I've had to babysit and they'd wake me up VERY early! 

Grace with her cousin Ella and brother! 

Grace and Harry and Uncle Ellis! 

One of the rare occasions she isn't giggling! 

Look how happy she is with her cousin! 

Now she can walk she keeps us on our feet! 

You'll probably be reading this as I'm enjoying a family day at Grace's birthday party, eating bbq'd food and lots of Princess cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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