Only recently I've had time to actually look through blogs and actually really enjoy them. I follow so many on Bloglovin but there is only a few I will read regularly! 
I thought I'd share with you a few of my current favourite bloggers! 

I only began to read Zoe's blog after she got it re-designed. Before then I'd known her as the pretty lady with blue hair that I'd see now and again in Youtube videos. Now I am obsessed with her writing! She is one of the few bloggers that I feel writes truthfully. She writes what she wants to write and she puts a lot of care into each post. I have been lusting recently over her photography skills - who knew you could present red MAC lipsticks in such interesting ways? I have mostly enjoyed reading her more lengthy posts, about Eurovision, blogging tips and how to blog on a budget. She also hasn't let being a blogger go to her head, I've tweeted her many times and she will reply and not ignore so I like how she makes the time to speak to her readers! Her whole blog design is amazing - I once clicked on her page and she had a Nirvana header!?!? Dave Grohl was on my screen and that gives me a good enough reason to LOVE her blog. If you haven't given her blog a look then give it a look now and I'm sure you'll spend hours on there! 

I found out who Anoushka was when I followed her on Twitter as she is a blogger from Manchester and realised she lives not-so-far from me! I then spent a lot of time on her blog reading all about her - turns out she has a fancy job as an air hostess and jets off all over the world for a living! She posts regularly and she does in depth posts on many beauty products, I particularly love her lipstick posts. If you haven't given it a read then do so now and you won't regret! 

Gemma was one of the first blogs and youtubers I read and watched. Since day one she inspired me to write about what I want to write about and there is no 'correct' way of blogging. She is from up north like me, so I think that made me relate to her more than I do to other bloggers. Gemma has recently written a few lengthy blog posts that remind me of how she first inspired me to blog. If you new to the blogging world or you just need a bit of a pep talk then look no further than gemsmaquillage because she seriously has helped me. Thank you more than anything Gemma! 

I actually first heard of shewearsfashion over on Instagram when I was looking for some style inspo and her gorgeous self was rocking a sporty look which I would never be able to pull off. I then followed her blog on bloglovin and I've been hooked ever since. Kavita does a lot of fashion posts and they will seriously inspire you. She has such a gorgeous style that really suits her and just looking at her images will make you want to read her blog anyway! I think she's currently backpacking around Asia and I've seen some pretty amazing posts about her trip so far so definitely go and check them out! 


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